A topic that often comes up in mentoring calls, is the frequency of sending email marketing. Many people who are actively list building, believe that contacts will get angry if you email them “too often”.

So, based on this belief, you send emails to your list sporadically, or you tell yourself that you will become very unpopular if you scale up your email output.

But the question is “how often is too often?”

And who decides when frequent becomes too much?

You see, when I started list building, I used to be scared of sending too many emails, so would send one every 3 or 4 weeks. And I believed that sending emails was a waste of time anyway because hardly anyone ever read what was inside them (I could see that only a few people were clicking the links inside the email)

Until one day, in conversation with my own mentor, he told me I needed to be sending my emails more frequently.

And because I wanted to prove him wrong, I scaled up the frequency to twice a week.

But something strange happened.

Far from people being annoyed by receiving more emails from me, I noticed that more emails were being opened… the links were being clicked and the content read by LOTS more people.

I also started receiving lots of replies to my emails… more people were engaging with me about the content in the List Building | How Frequently Are You Sending Emails?emails… and when I promoted an offer in my emails, I made more sales too!

Of course, some people were unhappy, and some unsubscribed from my list. But that’s ok, because you can’t please everyone – no matter what you do in business, you will upset someone.

I’ve settled on sending weekly emails now because I’m able to spend more time crafting them, and making sure you get a good mix of valuable content. But… if something important came up in between these weekly digests that I felt you’d want to know about, I wouldn’t be afraid to send you another email.

And you shouldn’t be afraid either.

My invitation to you today is to send one more email to your list this week than you did last week… and watch what happens.

Assuming you’ve been ethically list building… by which I mean that your list subscribers have actively CHOSEN to be on your list, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Put aside all your self limiting beliefs (because that’s what they are… SELF LIMITING!) around how often is too often, and just go for it.

I’m on lists that send emails twice daily and it doesn’t annoy me. In some cases I’ve been receiving their emails for a couple of years and still enjoy reading them.

Just do it.

The first step to building a list is your Lead Magnet… your free eBook/audio/video series that your social connections can access in return for their email address. If you are marketing your business on social media, but don’t have a Lead Magnet, you are relying on your social media accounts being active to enable you to stay in contact with your connections.

Which means you’re taking a HUGE risk! I was contacted by someone recently who had spent 2 YEARS growing and nurturing a large network on Twitter, and one day she breached their T&Cs and got kicked off Twitter permanently.

Facebook delete accounts on a daily basis for rule breaches too. Just imagine… all that time wasted! Without a list, you are seriously limiting your ability to generate income for your business from social media marketing.

You do not own the data for your followers/fans on social media. Your #1 priority must be to get your social connections into your database… via ethical and legal means… by creating your Lead Magnet and making it available for download.

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The Lead Magnet Academy is your step-by-step guide to;

  • Determining the topic and format of your lead magnet
  • Building the story of you, and using case studies and testimonials
  • Formatting and hosting your lead magnet for delivery
  • Adding the opt-in box to your website and scheduling the automated delivery of your lead magnet
  • List building the ethical way, and sending emails legally (did you know that sending mass emails Outlook etc is illegal?!)

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