I’m really chuffed to be a contributor to the March 2013 edition of Small Business Owner magazine. It’s a FREE iPad magazine, available directly from the Apple Newsstand and is downloaded by small business owners all over the world.

Small Business Owner Magazine March 2013 | Veronica Pullen

My article “SMILE To Succeed On Twitter” spans 3 pages, with a 4th page promoting a £5 trial of my Social Expert Academy exclusive to Small Business Owner subscribers.

If you have an iPad, I highly recommend you subscribe to the Small Business Owner magazine. Even without my article, it is a fantastic read for business owners, with regular contributors including Nigel Botterill and Fabienne Fredrickson amongst other successful experts. You’re sure to get some great ideas and strategies that you can apply to your business.

The magazine is only available for iPad… unfortunately you can’t read it anywhere online or on smart phones.

So if you have an iPad, go here to download the Small Business Owner magazine app and subscribe for free

My being invited to contribute to the magazine came about in a large part due to relationships I’d built on social media. I’m going to share how it all came together in the hope that it will inspire you to think about the people you’re connecting with on Twitter, Facebook, Linked in etc… are you aiming high enough?

Adrian Savage (my Infusionsoft Mentor) is a fellow member of Nick James’ mastermind group, and he is the husband of a friend I first got to know on Facebook 3 years ago. Adrian knew Dave, the owner of the Small Business Owner magazine, and suggested I got in touch with him to pitch an article, which I did.

When I spoke to Dave, it turned out he also know Nigel Botterill (who I originally met on Twitter but have since been in his Entrepreneurs Circle for 2 years) pretty well, and in fact, many of the top business experts who he knew, also knew of me from Facebook or Twitter.

I’ve highlighted that last sentence because it is important… the top business experts knew of me from Facebook and Twitter etc. In some cases we had met offline, but top business experts know of me because I build relationships with people who are currently more successful than I am.

So coupled with the fact I’ve been a newspaper columnist for 18 months (social proof) plus the positive impression Nigel B and some of the other experts he spoke to shared of me, he invited me to contribute.

The original newspaper column I was given came about as a result of me chatting to Chris, a local journalist on Twitter. I invited him (as a person, not in a journalist capacity, which I strongly believe made a big difference to the results) along to a Tweetup (Twitter meet up) that I was organising.

He came along, and decided he wanted to write about it too. We got chatting, and he went back and told the editor about me

So when a few months later I pitched the editor with my column idea, she already knew who I was.

This is why I keep talking about how you shouldn’t just focus on connecting with your ideal prospects and peers on social media… but also focus on networking with people you respect who are currently more successful than you.

Find the high profile business experts that you admire, and add some value to their business, so they get to know who you are

If you look at all the opportunities I’ve generated in my business, they have all come about from doing exactly what I teach.

Make a list of people whose work you love. Whose emails, blogs, tweets, or posts do you make a point of reading regularly? Who inspires you?

Are you connected to your business heroes on social media? Do you regularly contribute to their conversations? Are you freely giving of your knowledge and expertise when you can see how they can improve their results with a simple suggestion from you?

I am… and I know for a fact that many other people who you aspire to now, also did too.

Who can you start building a relationship with this week that could open doors to your ideal clients in the future? I urge you to set aside a couple of minutes and go connect with them now.


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