Very few business owners understand the Facebook Contests Rules and are unaware of the consequences of running illegal promotions.

The harsh reality is that if discovered, Facebook will take your page down overnight! No warning… no recourse… GONE FOREVER!

Sure, you could get away with breaching the rules for quite some time. But hey, you know, you could travel by train several times without a ticket and get away with it – but you will eventually get caught and you will have to pay the penalty!

So why take the risk?!

Where Facebook contests are concerned, ignorance is not bliss!

Between you and me, I know that many times when confronted with T&Cs, we click the “Agree” button without reading them – don’t we?! But ignorance isn’t going to get you out of this one. Facebook won’t say “Oh don’t worry, we understand that you breached our contests rules because you didn’t read the T&Cs properly”!

Nor are they going to say “Oh jeez, we know they weren’t easy to find and we’re very sorry we pulled your page down without giving you a chance to read the T&Cs”!

And if you’ve not got a system in place that converts your Facebook fans into names on your email list – you know, by incentivising them to give you their details in return for your free eBook or whatever – then you will lose the only method you have of contacting your Facebook fans!

And that would be pretty sad wouldn’t it? I really don’t want that to happen to you – so I created this little video that fully explains the Facebook contests rules so you can understand how they apply to you and your Facebook marketing.

The lack of awareness isn’t just limited to small business owners either – many of the big brands are also unwittingly taking risks by running sweepstakes and competitions that breach the Facebook contests rules.

In this video I delve deep into the Facebook Terms of Service and explain in detail what is allowed in respect of running contests on your Facebook page – with case studies of illegal and legal promotions on Facebook, and recommendations of Facebook Contests Apps you can use to stay within the T&Cs

The Facebook Contests Rules Explained

I highly recommend you watch this video – not just because I made it for you, and it will make me sad if nobody watches it – but I can’t stress the importance of you understanding the rules enough!

UPDATE – AUTUMN 2013: The Facebook contest rules have been relaxed slightly. It is now illegal to ask people to share your page post as a condition of entry, but it is legal to ask them to like your page or post to enter. Requesting a like is legal, requesting a share is illegal.

I can almost guarantee one other thing that will happen as a result of you watching this video – the next time you log into Facebook, you’ll be blinded by the number of illegal competitions you recognise!

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