In this post, I’m going to talk about three distinct types of CTAs and explore their psychological and conversion impact on different buyer personalities.






Optimising Your Call to Action Strategy



Private Messaging (DM Me for Details)


When you’re beginning to promote your offer, it’s common to be testing your promotional copy.

By asking interested parties to direct message you, you’re initiating private sales conversations, making it less stressful if you’re concerned about your followers seeing your response.

However, this CTA does not appeal to those who might not feel comfortable direct messaging you.


Public Commenting (Let me Know Below)


Your next CTA should be to ask your audience to leave a comment to indicate interest.

This caters to the 70% of the population who are hard-wired to respond and who instinctively respond to content and offers they find interesting.

As more and more people comment, their interaction gives your post more traction, resulting in increased visibility as it appears in more newsfeeds.

However, this CTA might not be ideal for those who prefer not to publicly acknowledge they have the problem that your offer resolves.


Link in Comments (Link is in the Comments)


The final CTA is to include a link in your comments for those who prefer to check out your offer and buy without making their interest in your offer known publicly.

At this point, your offer has already garnered interest through your previous posts, and your promotional copy is likely more refined, which should result in increased conversions.

By using these three CTAs in this order of sequence, you optimise your posts’ reach and lead generation potential.


Enhancing Your Offer with Superior Copy


For your offer to be perceived as super valuable and truly resonate with your ideal buyer, your copy needs to be compelling.

That’s where mastering the art of sales copywriting comes in handy.



Understanding and effectively deploying Calls to Action (CTAs) will ensure your social media content reaches more of your ideal clients and encourages them to buy.




Here’s how I can support you to generate more leads online::

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Do it Yourself or Let Me Handle It?


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Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen