We watched an old episode of The Trip (in Greece) with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon recently.

Steve is the brasher, cockier out of the two.

Rob is more reserved, considered.

Steve is driving their hire car and they’re in a rush to get to the ferry port.

He spots a shortcut – a dusty track off the main road they’re on now that cuts across land leading directly to the port.

Without another word, he pulls the car off the road onto the track.

Rob looks at him, incredulous and concerned.

“Are you allowed to drive across here?”

Steve responds…

‘Am I allowed?’


‘Rob, I was BORN allowed!’

I thought that was such a powerful statement.

Sure, it’s a typically Coogan thing to say, but he’s right.

We are ALL born allowed.

Then, from the minute we emerge into the world, we begin learning that we shouldn’t do ‘this’ and it isn’t good to do ‘that’…

We start putting limits on ourselves!

That thing you think you aren’t ‘allowed’ to be/do/have?

What if you decided right now that you ARE allowed?

What would that change for you?

Because, guess what?

You ARE allowed!

You are allowed

A daily reminder for you, that you are ALLOWED

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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