Anchor gifts

Are you rewarding yourself with Anchor Gifts?

The Dyson hairdryer is the lightest, quietest hairdryer I have ever owned.

It’s also the 4th hairdryer I have bought in the past 90 days!

Hairdryers are tricky for me. If it’s too heavy, picking it up makes my wrists ache, let alone holding it long enough to dry my hair.

If the buttons are the flush sliding type, I don’t have the grip or wrist strength to slide them.

And that’s without thinking about the usual features you’d need a dryer to have – multiple temperatures, speed, and cool shot.

So, yep. I now have three ‘redundant’ hairdryers that post-lockdown I will hopefully be able to donate somewhere.

The fourth hairdryer I was thinking of buying was one that reviewers claim has ‘all the benefits of the Dyson but only 1/3rd of the price of the Dyson’.

That’s when I decided, enough was enough.

I also have a practice where, when I sign a new private client or finish a launch, I take 5-10% of the cash banked to buy myself an ‘anchor gift’.

My latest Anchor Gift

I was about to buy myself a new anchor gift, when I decided, enough was enough.

My criteria for an anchor gift is that it has to be something I really want, something that is very special, AND that will bring me joy every time I look at it/use it/remember it.

The point is, each time I look at/wear/see/remember these anchor gifts, I’m transported back to the moment of joy that specific win brought me.

I keep the labels on my desk in front of me, like a shrine to the wins.

That acts as a motivator for me to keep adding more value to more people, so I create more wins.

I signed a new private client last week, and the thing I really wanted for the anchor gift was the thing I’d been avoiding buying.

… my old money patterns telling me it was ‘ridiculous’ to spend £300 on a hairdryer.

But … when it’s an anchor gift, the choice is allllll about the joy, not the logic. Lol

And drying my hair with my new fuchsia Dyson hairdryer yesterday was such a joy!

If you aren’t rewarding yourself with anchor gifts and experiences along your journey, why not give it a try.

Make sure it’s something special to you and enjoy every second of your newly anchored, joyful win.


Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen