Business sabotage in its purest form is having an idea, feeling the excitement, and then within seconds talking yourself out of it.

How often do you do that?

A voice in your head whispers to you that you could record a video, write a blog or email to share something you feel strongly about, launch a new service or program, host a webinar, run a free challenge or do something that would be fantastic for your business.

In that moment you are excited.

Fired up!


Then, another voice starts chattering in your ear…

The DEVIL on your shoulder…

That Devil on Your Shoulder

“I’m not looking my best today… I’ll do the video when xyz has happened”…

“I’ve no time to write a blog today, I’ve got xyz to do”…

“Nobody will want to buy that offer”…

“My list isn’t big enough”…

“I need to build a sales funnel and I don’t know how to do that”…

And just like that you’ve talked yourself out of the idea.

Maybe you don’t dismiss the thought immediately, but decide to do some research, seek external validation that it’s the right thing to do.

You ask your friends and family or crowdsource opinions on social media.

When they tell you all the reasons why it’s not a good idea, their responses validate what your negative mind chatter told you, so you believe them.

Or, perhaps you put an offer out to test the water. Even though it’s not actually what you were guided to do, you tell yourself there’s more money to be made doing it ‘this way’…

And then you don’t get the response you hoped for.

Or someone criticises it – or you.

The rejection reinforces to you that your doubts were right.

You should have listened!

You retreat again – go back to the ‘drawing board’.

You’re still stuck.

How about if you just took action on the original idea, in its original form?

Committed to not listening to your mind chatter’s BS reasons why you shouldn’t act?

And made the decision to not accept any excuses for why you can’t succeed with what your intuition guided you towards, and instead just trusted that you could?

I saw a great quote from James Altucher recently:

“When your body whispers to you, you have to listen.”

That original idea you had was your body whispering to you – a download from your intuition.

Your intuition is the most trusted guidance resource you have, so wouldn’t it make more sense to listen to it when it speaks?

There are NO reasons why you cannot succeed when you are being guided intuitively.

What difference could it make if, whenever your intuition guides you to take an action by popping an idea into your head, you act on it?

Why not make that commitment to yourself today?


Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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