This is a really insightful blog post from my friend Sarupa, on how we decide who to work with.

She asked a few of us to share our #1 requirement when it comes to deciding which coach to hire, and NOT ONE of us said “testimonials”!

The things you think matter, like working hard behind the scenes, only matter to you.

What is VITAL is that you SHOW UP online, so your ideal clients can get to know the REAL you. If you’re working hard behind the scenes, amassing lots of testimonials, but your ideal clients can’t see you online, or get to know who you are and what you stand for, you will lose out to the people who are visible.

Please take this on board. Stop worrying about what “other people” think, and make it your job to ensure that as many people as possible who are “in pain” or who might know someone who is “in pain”, know who you are.

Then make it your priority to demonstrate that you care that they get results from that message you were put on this earth to share!

If you don’t care about the people you want to work with, why will they care about your offers when there is someone else out there who does care and is demonstrating that they care that they can work with?!

Even if you’re not a coach, the same principle applies. If you sell products, then I’m sure you care that your clients get the best product/service etc. It doesn’t matter what you care about, only that you do care, and that you show this to the people who need to know.

My big why is that I want you to have the high-profit business model and opportunities that I have, from knowing how to use social media profitably to generate enquiries, leads and sales. I am passionate that you get to use the incredible opportunities offered by Facebook to build the business that you love.

That’s what gets me out of bed every morning.

That’s what gets me reading content and asking myself “will this help you?”

That’s what drives me to write content that shares the latest Facebook update or lesson I’ve learned

And that’s why I regularly offer you the opportunity to work with me – so I CAN HELP YOU TO GET THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE!

If that fire to serve your audience burns brightly inside of you, then you have a duty to stop hiding, worrying what people who don’t matter think of you, and get yourself out there.

Successful people online are already doing this, are you?Successful people online… the leaders in your field… are already doing this. That’s how you know who they are.

The people you meet online who are leaders in your field have an audience of people who LOVE them, and plenty more who can’t stand the sight of them.

Those leaders don’t care that some people dislike them, and neither should you.

Those leaders know that if they’re not getting any criticism, they’re not visible to enough of the people who need their help. Getting criticised is a reason celebrate being on the right track.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Go post your version of this post on your Facebook profile or page, and start the process of showing up authentically to serve your audience too.

I’m right behind you!


Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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