Step 2 of the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ is ‘Connect’ – initiating conversations with your new followers in Twitter and Facebook to begin the process of building a relationship with them.

Should You Auto Respond to New Followers in Twitter? | Veronica PullenSo it’s easy to see how sending an automated message to new followers in Twitter could be an excellent timesaver. But therein lies the problem.

You see, relationships DO take time. People buy from people, not robots! So sending an automated tweet might save you time, but ultimately it will cost you the relationship.

Equally, a response “thanks for the follow” is white noise. You might as well have automated that response for all the value it will add to your relationship.

So, what I recommend you do instead, is to set aside time twice a week, to look through your newest Twitter followers. Look at their profile and most recent tweets, and compose a personalised reply that ends in a question…

E.g. “Thank you for following Alan. I see you’re heading to New York next week? I love it there – have you been before?”

Now ‘Alan’ will feel that you’re genuinely interested in what he has to say, opposed to just copying and pasting the same tweet to 20 different people.

And by ending the tweet with a question, you’re WAY more likely to get a response too!

Try it today – look at the last 3 people who followed you and send them a personalised thank you tweet.

What happened next? I’d love to know!