Ok, so you’ve just seen positive feedback that someone has shared about you online, telling people how brilliant you are…

What do you do next? Apart from replying to say thank you…

Most people do nothing, but as a social prospector, you’re looking to generate a consistent stream of warm leads and sales from your social marketing, so you should be preserving this valuable collateral…

Step 6 of the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ is “Satisfy” – prove that you can be trusted to deliver on the promises you make in your marketing.

How to Reap The Benefits of Positive Feedback Posted Online | Veronica Pullen

To paraphrase what Robert Cialdini said in his book “Influence”, “when we are not sure what to do next, we turn to our peers to see what they are saying”.

So you see, to attract customers from your social marketing, you are responsible for making sure that the people who aren’t sure what to do next, can easily see what their peers are saying.

This positive feedback is marketing gold for you, and should be treasured as such.

Here are my top tips for getting the maximum benefit from every bit of positive feedback you receive from others

The positive feedback was posted publicly in Facebook:

  • Take a screen grab of the post or comment and save it on your computer/server in a folder called “Testimonials”
  • Copy the text from the post/comment and paste it into a new post from your Facebook page. You could say something like “I’ve just received this great testimonial from a client I [did what for and got what result] “[paste the text from the post/comment]”
  • Add the text to your testimonial page on your website
  • Paste the text into a Word document that you also save in your Testimonials folder on your computer (I have one document per product/service so I can find everything easily when I need it). Sometimes you’ll want to share the original screen grab (extra credibility), other times you’ll want to only share the words. Now you’ve got both kept safely.

The positive feedback was posted publicly on Twitter:

Follow the steps above, but also;

  • Favourite the tweet – this add the tweet to your ‘favourites’ list; visible to anyone browsing your profile
  • Re-tweet (RT) the tweet

The positive feedback was posted in a private message/sent via email/said in a telephone call

FIRST: reply and ask if you can use their comment as a testimonial. They will say yes, or  suggest an edited version.

Then follow the steps listed in the Facebook section above

Your turn: Make a commitment to yourself right now; never let any positive feedback just disappear into the ether, without you following the above steps to preserve this valuable marketing collateral.