I’m a Trusted Supplier for the Entrepreneurs Circle. Trusted Suppliers were hand-picked from a membership of circa 3,000 members, and a short-list of 32 was drawn up.

Theoretically around 1% of total membership was invited to apply for Trusted Supplier status.

It’s fair to say that all of the Trusted Suppliers are top of their game, but every day I meet members who are also great at what they do, so why weren’t they even on the shortlist?

As you build up your profile as the go to person/expert in your own sector, you will begin to get recognition and confirmation of your greatness too.

But sometimes you might see another expert in your sector getting more recognition that you, even though you know you’re better at what you do than they are!

How did that happen?

Well, here’s the thing. The reason 32 business owners got onto a Trusted Supplier shortlist, was because Nigel Botterill and his senior team knew enough about each of us to conclude that we were the experts he would trust to represent our sector to his members.

It’s true that some businesses who are equally well known to the senior team were excluded on the grounds that they sell B2C, as this is a B2B organisation. And other members were excluded on the basis that the EC already provide “Done for You” services in those sectors – so EC themselves are the Trusted Suppliers for anyone requiring those services.

You’ll never qualify for recognition from everyone anyway, nor would you want to be.

But to build your successful online expert business, you don’t want to be the person who is always overlooked either.

The 32 people who were hand-picked for Trusted Supplier status were chosen because of their visibility first, and their belief  in their own awesomeness second.

Next came their ability as shown by other members’ reports of their brilliance, which also evidenced their trustworthiness.

So let me ask you…

  • Are you visible in your own sector? How many of your ideal clients and business heroes know who you are and what you do?
  • Do you cheerlead yourself? Are the people who know who you are and what you do aware of just how brilliant you are? Do you actually tell people about the successes you enjoy?
  • When someone says something positive about you, do you capture it and share the positive words with your network?

There’s no magic radar that somehow detects when an awesome person is in the vicinity… it’s up to you personally to make sure the right people know.

Are you making a noise, or keeping quiet – afraid people will think you’re ‘showing off’?

The term ‘showing off’ by the way is a limiting self belief – hiding your light under a bushel is holding you back from getting recognised as an expert.

Playing ‘high-vibe’ and living in ‘your future self’Playing high vibe in your future self | Veronica Pullen

When I work with my VIP and Mastermind Clients, one of the exercises I take them through is to ‘live in your future self’.

What that means is that you imagine and visualise yourself already living the ideal lifestyle you aspire to, and act as though you have already reached your income goals.

Then they communicate with each other as their future self.

It’s amazing how powerful this is for your confidence in yourself, and self belief. Everything feels possible, and challenges feel like minor blips to step over.

One of my clients attended an event full of her ideal clients playing ‘high-vibe’, and ‘attracted’ several people raving about her work to other attendees during the evening.

Playing ‘high-vibe’ is a powerful attraction tool for even more high vibe results.

Give it a go… imagine you’re already making the 6-figure income, or you only work 4 hours a week (or whatever your goal is).

You are already living your ideal lifestyle, and the business you run today is your ‘early years’. Tell yourself (or your partner/friends) the story of how you ‘got started’, and talk about the life you lead ‘today’.

Then create some marketing, write an email to your list or a post on social media, record a video, or have a conversation with a prospect from that place.

How different do you feel? Wowzers?! If you were your future self now, who would you be hanging out with? What would you do differently to get yourself on the radar of the right people who will recognise your talents?

And go do it now. Why wait?