ideal-clients-are-not-on-Facebook.Recently several people have told me that they aren’t marketing their business on Facebook, because “my ideal clients are not using Facebook”.

I figured that I’d share my response to them here, just in case you’ve reached the same conclusion and rejected Facebook marketing too.

Now, I must admit that my initial response to this statement was surprise.

We already know that more than half the population do have a Facebook account, so I find it hard to believe that collectively, any one group of people have elected not to grace Facebook with their presence.

But for me to guess that they were wrong would be no better than them guessing they were right.

We needed proof – so a ‘scientific study’ was required.

#1: The first exercise I set them was to make a list of 10 of their ideal clients; either 10 people they were already working with who fit their ‘ideal client’ criteria, or 10 people who they would love to work with given the opportunity – or a combination of both

#2: Armed with their list, I sent them back to Facebook to search for each of the 10 people in turn, and put a tick next to their name if they possessed a Facebook personal profile.

You see, whether they have a business page is irrelevant.

To get your business in front of your ideal client on Facebook, they only need to have a personal presence there… that’s where most of the engagement magic happens anyway.

#3: Next, I directed them to click on the profile of each of the 10 people on their list, and look at the public Facebook groups each belonged to, and pages they had liked.

You can see the list of their joined public groups from witihn the ‘about’ section of their profile.

You’ll see “About” under their cover image. Scroll down to see the ‘Groups’ and ‘Likes’.

Depending on the privacy settings of the groups (closed and secret groups won’t show there), and on their own profile privacy settings, you may not be able to see any/all of the list – but even if you can only see this information for two or three people on your list, you’ll still have a good idea of where to look next.

Make a note of any groups they have joined that you feel others that fit your ideal client criteria could also be a member of. Then visit the group/s as yourself, while logged into your personal profile, and ask to join.

Moving onto their “Likes” – make a note of any pages they have liked that could also be relevant to other ideal clients, and go like the pages as your page. Get in front of your ideal clients on Facebook

At the end of this study, you’ve learned 3 things;

Learning #1; How many of your list of ideal clients have Facebook accounts.

In the cases of the two people who asked the question originally, one person found 70% of her list had Facebook accounts, and the other found 40% of her list.

So in neither case were they correct in their belief that “their ideal clients not using Facebook”!

Plus of course, using Facebook adverts would also give you the option of getting your business into their newsfeed too!

Learning #2: You’ve learned of Facebook groups that your ideal clients might be hanging out in.

Many of my clients come via my networking in 3-4 Facebook groups full of my ideal clients each day.

So this bit of learning is definitely one to take action on

Learning #3: You’ve also learned of Facebook pages frequented by your ideal clients.

You can make interacting with their posts as your page part of your daily marketing strategy, which in turn will give you extra exposure in front of the people you want to reach.

Now it’s your turn… how many of your ideal clients have Facebook accounts? And is that more or less than you thought before doing this exercise?