If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting patiently for Facebook to enable it’s graph search function on your account for some time now.

I’m kicking myself now, because earlier this week I discovered a really simple shortcut that gives you access to Facebook graph search within 3 clicks of a mouse – it’s so simple I only wish I’d realised earlier!

Watch this video demonstration to discover how you can enable Facebook graph search on your account (if Facebook haven’t enabled it for you already!);

If you’re not familiar with graph search, it’s a complex set of searches that allow you to discover much more information on who your page fans are, and the kind of things they interact with on Facebook. This information is like gold dust when you’re running Facebook adverts, because by targeting the interests that your page fans are interacting with, you can get your ads in front of many more of the right people!

This post from Jon Morrow explains a few ways that business owners can use graph search to learn more about their fans