Whilst watching the Infusionsoft Conference Twitter feed a couple of days ago, I saw a tweet that revealed a powerful list building strategy that I want to share with you here today.

Jordan Hatch spoke from stage at the conference, and at the end of his talk offered copies of his slides to the 2,000+ audience.

There’s nothing too unique about being asked for, or offering copies of slides after a presentation, I get asked all the time for copies of mine.

But is the method he used to deliver the slides that converts his offer into a powerful list building strategy you can model.

Do you speak at local networking events?

As soon as I figured the benefit of following his example, it became clear to me that this could be a SUPERPOWER strategy for those of you who attend local networking groups such as BNI, 4N etc.

Because at every one of these meetings, someone is at the front of the room delivering a 10-20 minute talk to the room… and in a lot of these talks, a PowerPoint presentation is incorporated.

List Building Strategy For Networkers/Speakers | Veronica Pullen

If you’re ever at the front of a room with a PowerPoint presentation… whether at a networking event, delivering a workshop, speaking to a group of members of a club or organisation – in a situation where you cannot sell from stage… or indeed if you intend to be at some point in the future, read on…

How does this list building strategy work?

Prior to the event, upload a PDF of your slides to your email provider (Aweber/MailChimp/Infusionsoft etc)

Create a new list, or segment of that list, and design an opt in form for it.

Either embed the opt-in form to a new page of your website, so you have simple link to share, or use the Pretty Links Lite WordPress plugin to create a domain link of the hosted opt-in form – E.g. instead of aweber.com/form/dsfrgd/564dd etc, it becomes [yourdomain]/slides for example

Most email providers offer the option to copy/paste the opt-in form code into the HTML of a website page or blog post, or to have the form hosted by them. The latter is the simplest option if you’re not familiar with HTML.

Then at the end of your talk, tell the audience they can get a copy of your slides by going to [yourdomain]/slides (or whatever you decided to name the URL)

To get the PDF copy of your slides, they have to opt-in… and voila! You just added more of your ideal prospects to your email list!

For me, this was one of those tips that seemed oh so simple and obvious once I recognised it, but one that wouldn’t have necessarily occurred to me before!

And there you have it… a powerful list building strategy that you can swipe and deploy next time you’re at the front of the room with a PowerPoint presentation, but aren’t in a position to sell.

Don’t combine selling from stage with this list building strategy though, as you’ll only confuse your message, and you won’t get great results!

Is this a list building strategy you’re excited to try out? Leave me a comment below, and please share this post with your social community by clicking on one of the share buttons below.