Facebook QuestionsI often receive emails from my Social Expert Academy members who want to ask what they call a “stupid” Facebook question… and feel that they’re the only person in the world who doesn’t know the answer.

But they’re not stupid questions… nor are they alone in not knowing the answer!

So, as my gift to you today, I thought I’d answer 7 of these Facebook questions here… meaning you have no need to continue feeling puzzled but afraid to ask, or better still, the knowledge of being able to do something in Facebook that you weren’t aware of until now.

Here goes… the top 7 “stupid” Facebook questions;

Q: Why shouldn’t I use Hootsuite to post on Facebook?

A: Facebook penalises the Edgerank of posts via 3rd party applications, so fewer of your Facebook fans will see posts from Hootsuite. Keep Hootsuite for Twitter, Linked in and Google+.

Q: I don’t have time to log into Facebook every day – how can I create posts in one sitting to publish throughout the rest of the week?

A: Facebook has its own scheduling tool that allows you to write a status update now, but it won’t go live until the date and time of your choice.

At the bottom left of the box where you type your status updates, is a little clock icon. Click on the clock and choose the year, month, date, hour and minute (in 10 minute increments) then click schedule. Your post will appear on Facebook at the scheduled time.

Q: Why can’t I use the “Promote” feature for my Facebook posts?

A: The promote button only appears when your Facebook page has 400 likes.

Q: Is the “Promote” feature worth my while?

A: The disadvantage of using the promote button next to where you write your status updates, is that you have no control over the targeting… you don’t get to say who will see the post.

Therefore, the chances of your budget being used to promote your post to people in random countries, and who have zero interest in you, is almost a certainty. I recommend you use the Facebook Adverts function to promote your post instead… you have full control over the targeting for adverts.

Q: How do I post on another business Facebook page as my page?

A: At the top right of any screen in Facebook, there is a small triangle next to “Home”. Click on the triangle, and select your page from the drop down list. Until you change it back, all posts you make on other business pages will show as being from your Facebook business page – not your personal Facebook profile.

Q: Is it possible to view the status updates of only a chosen selection of people and pages in Facebook?

A: On the left hand side of your newsfeed, you will see a link called “Interests” (you may need to click on the word “More” to see it) Here you can create an interest list of all your favourite people and pages – clicking on the list in future will show you a newsfeed containing status updates from everyone you have added to your Interests list.

Q: How can I add my Pinterest account to appear under the cover image on my Facebook page?

A: You will need to install a Facebook app to do this, but it is pretty simple to do. In the white search box at the top of Facebook, type the word ‘Woobox’ and select the Woobox Custom Tab app from the drop down list;

Click “Install Page Tab”

Choose your page on the next screen and click “Add Page Tab”

On the next screen, scroll down to “Page Source” and choose “URL”

Enter your Pinterest URL – E.g. mine is http://www.pinterest.com/veronicapullen

Scroll down to “Tab Name”, click in the box and type “Pinterest”

Click “Change Tab Image” to upload a Pinterest logo which will become the image that your page visitors will see under your cover picture.

Click “Save Settings”

Do you have a Facebook question I haven’t answered here? If so, drop me a line HERE

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