Did you know that you have TWO Facebook messages inboxes for your personal  profile?

Most people are aware of the main Facebook inbox, accessed via the envelope icon in the blue bar at the top of any page in Facebook… BUT there is a 2nd one that many people aren’t aware of!

When logged in to Facebook as yourself (not your page) click on “Home” then “Messages” on the left hand side of the home page. At the top of the screen you will see the “Other” inbox as shown in the image here.

Your Secret Facebook Messages Inbox

Even those of us who do know about this 2nd inbox often forget to check it, so I’d recommend you check yours now, in case there is something important that you have missed!

If you message someone on Facebook who you are not friends with in Facebook, your message will go into their ‘secret’ inbox – if you didn’t get a response, that’ll be why.

You will also discover plenty of “Hey pretty lady” type spam in there – some of the messages are hysterical!

If you do find a message in your “Other” inbox from someone you’d prefer to see in your main inbox, with the message highlighted, click on “Actions” then “Move To Inbox”

Facebook Secret Inbox - Move To Inbox

I thought this one was worthy of sharing… HAHA!

“Hello pretty queen of beauty the jewel it amazes me how heaven feel the day you left heaven to earth i have never seen anyone as beautiful as you are”

How many messages did you find in your “Secret” inbox?