Wealth Dynamics Profile TestI must admit, when I first learned of Roger James Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Profiling test, my initial thought was that it was all a bit “woo-woo”! I thought it was just another gimmicky kind of personality profile test that wouldn’t add any value, so wasn’t worth spending my money on.

Joanna Martin was the person who put Wealth Dynamics into my radar… she’s a huge advocate of Roger and Wealth Dynamics, and over the next few weeks, I started to see more and more people talking about how much impact knowing their profile had on the way they run their business.

I became more and more intrigued by it, but at $97, while it isn’t massively expensive, I still wasn’t convinced enough to see it as a value add… I had better things to spend my money on I thought.

But it was after I launched Social Media Prospector that I began to feel differently. Over the 4 weeks of creating and launching SMP, I was aware that there were some aspects I found simple to do, and others that I struggled with so much that I wasted copious amounts of time trying to force myself to understand.

It dawned on me that knowing my Wealth Dynamics profile would give me clarity and help me to focus my time and efforts in the areas I excelled at, and identify the weaknesses that I needed additional support in.

So I bit the bullet. I took the Wealth Dynamics Profile test.

The results made a lot of sense, and the 30 page profile analysis I received totally floored me with its accuracy, and well and truly opened my eyes.I’m a Creator profile… I thought I was going to be a Star because I love to be leading from the front under the beam of a spotlight, but in fact Star was my secondary profile.

Reading through the analysis report it became clearer. Creators are brimming with ideas for new products and that is definitely me. They are also not good at details and float around in the big picture space… focusing on the end result but caring less about the foundations.

My secondary profile of the Star means that I would not be successful if I was constantly in the spotlight. I’m a Creator first because that’s where my true strengths lie, but I’m comfortable with the occasional spotlight and mentor role in my business.

What I’ve also discovered is that when you are in flow with your wealth profile, success feels easy and effortless. Work stops feeling like work and becomes more of an extension of your true self… and by understanding what areas of business I’m not meant to be undertaking, I stop wasting time trying to pretend otherwise.

Today I had hubby take the test too. It’s an ambition of mine that one day he would take on a bigger role in the business, but the challenge has been understanding how he could fit into my business model.

He’s a Deal Maker profile which is so complementary to mine, it’s like serendipity. I don’t mind admitting that where my key strength is online networking, I’m not brilliant in offline networking events. I’m fine when I’m on stage or in a leadership role, but when I’m just one of another 20 business owners in a room, it feels too much like hard work for me.

But as a Deal Maker, that where hubby is amazing. His strength is recognising where two people should connect and identifying where the business relationships are. He’s won numerous accolades from his employer for his fantastic customer service skills and that’s another Deal Maker strength… the relationship nurturer.

So, despite my initial reservations, I 100% recommend that every entrepreneur should take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test. It costs $97 (approx £64) and if the detailed analysis report of your fastest route to wealth isn’t enough of an incentive, it also comes with free training to help you really understand how YOU can create wealth easily.

Incidentally, I share my profile with Richard Branson. Hubby shares his with Donald Trump. Watch out… one day there may be a Word of Mouth Local spaceship landing on our skyscraper!

GO HERE to take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test ($97)