During my time using ChatGPT and supporting others with it, I repeatedly find that the more you overshare, the better the quality they give you.

Although, you should NEVER use any copy straight from ChatGPT because it is a terrible copywriter, and your audience will spot their style a mile off.

To help you start oversharing, I’ve pulled a prompt I used to find an email subject line for one of my DFY sales copy clients,

Feel free to swipe and adapt for yourself.

“Hello, below is sales copy for a low-carb online program.

I want to send an email to promote this offer to my list.

The audience are women, age 40+, predominantly live in UK, are experiencing frustrating symptoms, feel heavy in their body and possibly perimenopausal.

They want to switch to a low carb eating lifestyle so they feel healthier, have more energy, and lose any weight they want to, without feeling hungry.

This email is the first in a series they will receive to promote this offer and I want them to feel intrigued to know more, be excited to open the email to see the details, and keen to buy.

Please can you suggest 10 email subject lines with a maximum of 60 characters, so it fits the screen on mobile devices.”

It gave me:

“Transform with Low Carb Living 🌟”

“Unlock Energy & Health with Low Carb”

“Ready to Kick Carbs to the Curb?”

“Low-Carb Lifestyle for UK Women”

“Say Hello to a Healthier You 💃”

“Ditch Carbs, Feel Lighter & Energized”

“Beat Menopause Symptoms with Low Carb”

“Your Path to Low Carb Success 🥦”

“Banish Bloat and Boost Energy 🌼”

“Last Chance: Low Carb Offer at £149!”

None of them excited me so I picked bits out of a few and sent them this one with a play on words to test…

“Want to kick bad carbs & crave a good deal?”

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen