We had booked 2 nights in a junior suite at a hotel I love in Southampton.

It’s a lovely hotel, 5*, huge balcony overlooking the harbour, and the food is delish.

We stayed there last year too, the same suite as it happens.

So why then, before we even arrived did we cancel the second night and move to a different hotel?

My inner authority guided me to.

I never argue with my inner guidance – no matter how illogical what it’s nudging me to do might seem at the time.

We ate dinner in the restaurant and as soon as i walked in, I found the reason why I was guided to cancel.

It was really, really, dark!

The lighting in fancy restaurants can be problematic for me with my poor night vision, but because last year we ate room service dinner when we stayed, I had no idea how dark this place is.

It was so dark, I had to use my phone flashlight to read the menu.

And so dark, Bill had to direct me to where the food was on my plate.

Balls to paying £450/night for that experience!

Instead, we moved to a different hotel right in the centre – an Ibis – whispers it – Budget hotel (which is a funny story of its own for another day!) and did something we’ve never done before…

Why I cancelled a 5* hotel I love!

Thanks to my inner authority nudge, we had a 2-night break for an amount that felt great to spend for an experience we enjoyed

We ordered dinner on Deliveroo!

There is no Deliveroo over here, so we were GIDDY! Lol!

In fact, we did actually discuss ordering two dinners as we wanted Nando’s AND Bella Italia – but we went with Bella.

Such restraint!

Now, had I not had that inner nudge to cancel night two at the hotel before we left home, we would have been charged for it, and I’d be feeling peeved now.

But thanks to my inner authority nudge, we had a 2-night break for an amount that felt great to spend for an experience we enjoyed.

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