I often get people asking whether they should focus on getting webinar registrations or increasing their list. With Infusionsoft, there is a way to do both… at the same time

I realise that you may not be an Infusionsoft user, but if you are, this is a great strategy that will enable you to add new people to your list at the same time as registering for your webinar.

First of all, go to WebinarCore and create your account for free.

In Infusionsoft create a new campaign, of which the first step is a “Sign Up For Newsletter” goal”. Design your webinar “sales page” here as this is the page you will be sending people to in order to register for your webinar.

Edit the thank you page to let them know they will receive a confirmation from GoToWebinar, and edit the link to make it easier to type out when you need to. (TIP: if you have a WordPress website, you can also use a free plugin “Pretty Links Lite” to convert the Infusionsoft link into a domain link if it is easier – E.g. [yourdomain/webinar)

Now go back to GoToWebinar and set up your webinar in the usual way. At the 3rd step where you are invited to set questions, “clear all” so they are only asked to provide their first name, last name and email address. WebinarCore won’t collect any more detail than that.

When you receive the email invitation from GoToWebinar, go back to WebinarCore and paste in the webinar registration link from GoToWebinar. The entry screen will look like this;


The webinar title is for your information only… to help you identify this webinar in future

The GoToWebinar URL is the registration link you were emailed by GoToWebinar

Ensure you select the correct time zone for your webinar – as set in GoToWebinar

Then click on “create event” and you will be given a new URL. Copy the URL.

Go back to Infusionsoft and add a new communication sequence to your webinar campaign. As the first entry in this sequence, add a tag so you can easily identify who registered for this particular webinar. Then add a “HTTP Post” immediately after the tag

In the HTTP post, paste the link you were given by WebinarCore and save and publish the campaign.

Now, you can direct people to your webinar sales page in Infusionsoft, and by completing the form, they will register Infusionsoft for your webinar and opt-in to your list. The automated emails from GoToWebinar will be triggered by the HTTP Post too.

Of course, you can add additional communications, processes and goals to this campaign, but these are the basic steps required to complete the webinar registration process.

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