As a Facebook Page owner, I imagine that like most people, you rely on the notifications flag to tell you whether your fans have liked or commented on your posts or posted on your timeline?

But the problem is, you can’t rely on notifications to flag everything up!

What if Facebook decides you aren’t going to see a post?

What if Facebook decides a comment or post is spam and hides it from you?

You might think that parental control is what you use to monitor what your kids see online… but now Facebook are monitoring your page too!

Have you missed a post from a Facebook Page fan making an enquiry? I urge you to take a few minutes now to go and check your Facebook Spam Folder to make sure you haven’t lost out on any sales enquiries.

Where is the Facebook Spam Folder?

Follow these instructions to find and check your Facebook Page’s Spam Folder

#1: Go to your page

Click on the cog icon at the top right of your Facebook profile, and select your page from the drop down menu

#2: Go to “Edit Page”

You’ll find this at the very top of your business page

#3: Click on “Use Activity Log” in the drop down menu


Facebook Spam Folder Step #1 | Veronica Pullen


#4: Click on “Spam” in the left hand side menu of the Activity Log


Facebook Spam Folder Step #2 | Veronica Pullen


Is there anything showing in Spam?

What to do if you have posts in your Facebook Spam Folder that you want to allow on your page?

Next to each individual Spam post, you will see a black circle with a line through it. When you hover over the black circle, the pop up message says “hidden from page”

Click on the circle and a new drop down menu will appear


Facebook Spam Folder Step #3 | Veronica Pullen


If you want to allow the post to appear on your page, select “unmark as spam” from the drop down menu

Or you could simply choose to delete it.

Whatever you decide to do here, nobody but you can see the post unless you unmark it, so don’t worry if there are too many to delete.

I recommend you get into the habit of checking your Facebook Spam Folder every 1-2 days just in case there is something important that has been incorrectly flagged as spam

Did you find anything important in your Spam folder? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you unearthed.