I often look for marketing lessons I can learn from others in day to day life… but I never imagined that I would observe business marketing at play in my Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon’s office!

I have an eyesight condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa and one of the features of this condition is that it encourages early onset cataract growth. The time has now come where I have two fully formed cataracts that need surgical removal.

So, on Saturday, off I went to see the Surgeon for the pre-op consultation and examination. During the examination, he put some drops into my eyes that temporarily ‘melted’ the cataracts.

The difference these drops made to my eyesight was phenomenal! If you’ve ever had or know someone with cataracts, you’ll know that they make everything look like you are viewing it through wax paper. No bright colours and everything looks a bit… well, cloudy!

But these drops gave me a short introduction to my eyesight post surgery… and it was magical!

Now, private cataract surgery is not a particularly cheap option and I’m sure he meets many people who are unsure about the financial investment or terrified at the prospect of surgery and feeling unsure whether they want to go through with it.

But in giving me these drops, he sold me a vision of my future (pun intended!). I cannot imagine that however unsure or doubtful you felt when you walked in, you would leave that surgery not determined to find the money or the courage to have the operation.

He even managed to “upsell” me general anaesthesia; explaining that because of my Aspergers, I’m likely to become very anxious about the procedure so opting to have the surgery under a general will make the experience less stressful for me.

Cataract surgery

just looking at this picture makes me feel dizzy! lol

I’m not entirely convinced that being put to sleep is less stressful… eek… but I was focusing on the end result!

He sold me a dream and upsold me a painless way that he could make it come true!

And isn’t that what you should be doing in your business too?

When he started to discuss the costs involved, I had stopped listening. At that moment, all I could think about was that after the surgery, my world would become HD and not only that, I could have it all done while I was asleep!

If he had told me it costs £10,000,000, I would have vowed to find the money becauseI could see (I can’t stop with the eye puns now!) right there and then, the massive impact the surgery would have on my life!

That was a very shrewd move he made there and it’s a lesson for all of us in business.

In your marketing efforts, are you giving your prospects a glimpse into their future… showing them the impact that your products or services will have on them? Can you demonstrate the value of working with you that removes all possible objections?

As my Consultant did… can you change their thinking from “I need this but I don’t want to spend the money” to “I’ve got to have this regardless of what is costs?”