What an amazing day it was yesterday! Vanessa Lanham and I hosted the launch event for a new Entrepreneur’s Circle group for the Reigate, Redhill and Dorking areas and 50+ Surrey business owners joined us for three hours of amazing content.

Vanessa began the meeting by showing a video of Nigel Botterill in action and introducing the Entrepreneur’s Circle and its many benefits. The first topic was the 7 musts of effective marketing which got everyone thinking. It was at this point that my favourite Botty Rule was introduced to the audience – spending 90 minutes two to three times per week working ‘on’ your business is essential for future success. Another of Botty’s Rules is that the greatest value asset in your business is your database! Some of the audience had already seen the value in building a list to communicate with their prospects but for others this section was another source of inspiration.

Next was my ten minute presentation on why video is such an important marketing tool and I shared my tips for the types of videos that can be created as well as suggesting they purchase the Botty recommendation – a Flip camera. I’m sure by now that the Entrepreneur’s Circle must have contributed to a sizeable chunk of their profits! Most of us own one because they’re great quality and such good value! You can see my presentation in full by watching this video

During the presentation I mention a video created by an EC member who runs a Virtual Assistance business – you can see this video by clicking here. At the end of my presentation we showed the NB-TV episode where Nigel showcased a video made by a Sussex promotional supplies business which was filmed as an opportunistic piece of marketing – it is very amusing and you can see this video in the NBTV area of the members only website. Both of these examples show how just by putting a different slant on your message you may just have the next viral video out there promoting your business!

After a brief coffee break we returned to talk about WOW’ing your customers and Vanessa shared the experiences of Zappos who have built exceedingly great relationships with their customers and staff. The biggest message from this section is to build a relationship with each of your customers, one phone call at a time! Always make sure you follow up too!

The final section covered getting tonnes more stuff done. Why do some people achieve their super success? We all have 1,440 minutes in every day but it is what you do with them that count! The ‘do not disturb’ time is so very important – time that you focus on growing your business with no distractions from the day to day workload. Nigel gets to the office at 7.30am and does his 90 minutes every day until 9am – phone is off, email off and the do not disturb sign on the door tells his staff he is not to be interrupted. Have you done your 90 minutes today?

Another Botty Rule – “today ain’t over until tomorrow is planned!” You need to be creating lists ahead of each day: your ‘A’ list – the most important stuff that you will achieve in your 90 minutes. Your ‘B’ list contains the important stuff that needs to be done ‘in’your business and you ‘C’ list contains everything else – tasks on your ‘C’ list won’t get done – what can you outsource of these tasks? Virtual Assistants are a low cost way to free up more of your time – ask yourself what you really need to be doing and then outsource everything else to a VA.

And that was how we all spent a truly brilliant and motivational morning – lots of the visitors took advantage of the two month trial of the Entrepreneur’s Circle for £11.95 – full access to all benefits including the local and national meetings, the circular, the website packed with marketing resources and training and of course, Nigel’s book! If you are interested in giving the EC a try click here to sign up for the two month trial. The next national Entrepreneur’s Circle event takes place on Monday 21st November 2011 in Solihull and the next Reigate local EC meeting takes place on Thursday 17th November at Jolly Farmers in Buckland.

Oh I nearly forgot – I was crowned Entrepreneur of the Month for South East Surrey and presented with a certificate yesterday too! Very cool!


Nigel Botterill's Entrepreneur's Circle - Entrepreneur of the Month for South East Surrey October 2011

It’s time for me to do my 90 minutes now!