Our attention is now beginning to turn to Christmas and the vast amounts of shopping which we will all need to do. If you are a retailer who markets to the public, you will have been planning your marketing strategy for months now (I hope!) Print media needs to be booked up well in advance and any business who is trying to source print media ads now will inevitably be too late!

Have you included Social Media in your advertisement strategy? I’ve said before that you can share your message extremely quickly via Twitter. This was demonstrated by the process which Greater Manchester Police undertook last month. However, Social Media is not a ‘flat’ platform like print media. It offers you the opportunity to engage with your customers and reach out to those who you may not have encountered otherwise.

This morning I sent a tweet to @VeryNetwork as I wanted their recommendations for the type of skirt I needed for an occasion. If you’re not familiar with Very, they are a large online retailer who sell an enormous range of clothing and products for the home. Within minutes they had responded with a link to two of the skirts they felt best suited my requirements.  It would have taken me ages to look through their range to select my purchase and in all likelihood I wouldn’t have bothered. I placed my order and they offer a next day delivery. So a two fold result for Very with minimal effort invested. They got a sale and now look, I’m telling you guys about them. How easy was that?!

This isn’t a blog about Very, it’s a story about you. And your business. Rather it is a tale of how your Christmas sales can increase if you use Social Media. I could write a list of other retailers, large and small who are doing the exact same thing as Very did today and increasing their sales too. These businesses are your competitors! They’re taking sales that could be yours! Why? Because you’re not involved! What are you waiting for?

You see, in the next few weeks, there will be millions of people looking for gift ideas and spending huge sums of money on their loved ones. They’ll also be asking their friends for suggestions and sharing where they found the best products and who offers the best customer service. Of course, a vast number of these conversations will take place on Twitter and Facebook. Having a presence on these platforms means that you can help with their choices. You can make suggestions on how your business can help with their search. You can demonstrate your outstanding customer service and attention to details using actions not just words.

The best part is, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

So, give me a call. I will act as your Social Media Virtual Assistant. You won’t need to spend time sourcing who is looking for your products and engaging with them. I’ll take care of all of that for you. I’ll send you regular progress reports too.

Because it’s nearly Christmas, I’m feeling generous! If you contract me to manage one Twitter profile before December 31st, it will only cost you £60 per month! Included in the price is at least 3 new tweets sent each day, (Mon to Fri) sourcing new potential customers, engaging with them and monitoring your exposure on Twitter both good and bad  Can you afford not to take advantage?!