CAN – when used within your promise, you communicate doubt.

“When you purchase my Sizzling Storyselling course, you can write stories that sell on social.”

“When you purchase my Sizzling Storyselling course, you will write stories that sell on social.”

BUT – anything you say after ‘but’ will be perceived as a negative.

“But the offer ends soon” = bad news which is what you want them to hear.

“We custom make our designs but you’ll need to allow 3 weeks for delivery = negative that you actually want them to feel good about.

Use the word “and” instead of but when you want to evoke a positive feeling.

Use the word “but” when you genuinely want them to receive the words after as bad news.

ONLY – is a minimising word.

Use only when you want your reader to feel what comes after is small.

Otherwise, you are minimising your impact.

HONESTLY – I was lying to you up to now.

You know how, when you start off with a bit of jokey banter, and then you say, “on a serious note” to indicate the end of bants and start of getting down to business?

Well, when you say, “Honestly…” you are saying that the truth starts now, and everything that came before was a lie.

If you don’t want your reader to dismiss the words that came before, don’t use the words “honestly” or “genuinely” in your copy.

JUST – see ‘only’ – PLUS it is an apology word.

“Just letting you know about my offer”.

You may as well have said, “Sorry to bother you, I know you’re busy, but would you mind ever so much buying my offer”.

COST – your program, product or service does NOT – or should not be a COST to your buyer!

When you use the word, “cost”, you communicate that YOU believe it is not going to give them a benefit.

Use the word “investment” for a service or program that is going to give them a financial, emotional, or physical return.

Or, if you don’t believe it will, use the word “price”.

Never cost though!

Any other words you’ve seen people use that give you the ick?

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

The Mile-Deep Marketing Queen at Apples to Oranges Ltd
Veronica Pullen, AKA The MIle-Deep Marketing Queen helps coaches, trainers, consultants, mentors, experts, speakers, and therapists to attract your ideal, like-minded clients from your 'Mile-Deep' Facebook marketing, networking, group challenges, and ads.
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen