We parked in the John Lewis car park at West Quay, and to get into the mall, we had to walk through the store.

As we turned a corner in the store, the Mulberry concession was right in front of us.

My favourite bag that I own already is a Mulberry hobo that I bought in 2015, but my MacBook doesn’t fit in it.

I’ve resisted buying another one, telling myself I won’t use it ‘enough’.

I grew up on a council estate and sustainably having money in my account is not in my DNA.

I’ve done a LOT of work on my ancestral and genetic money stories to shed my mindset blocks and inner limits so to feel worthy of receiving ‘more than enough’ money on the regular.

AND even more to trust that I will CONSISTENTLY receive ‘more then enough’ money.

This bag stood out from the others. It ‘zinged’ at me.

I got the intuitive nudge to just say yes to buying it. To (for the first time ever), not ask the price first, not weigh up how much usage is ‘enough’ to justify ‘the price’.

The universe was saying, you want it, get it.

Trust us.

So I did.

LOL! When they told me the price, it was less than half of what I imagined the lowest end of the price scale would be.

Thanks universe!

Money Mindset

My New Mulberry Bag

There is another lesson in the story of the buying experience that I will share with you soon.

If 2020 hasn’t gone great for you and you’re feeling unimpressed with this post, I’m sorry. 2016 was my ‘bad’ year but I turned it around. And so will you. ❤️

Remember too, this year is a single SENTENCE in your business story.

You have many more pages and chapters still to write.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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