Tag a Friend Name and Queen Reigns Meme Facebook NicknameWant to give your Facebook friends a gentle little reminder of what you do, regularly?

The Facebook ‘other names‘ feature is where you can add other names you are known by – such as your maiden name or nickname.

When you add relevant keywords as your Facebook nickname, any time one of your Facebook friends goes to tag someone with a name similar to your Facebook nickname, you will appear as a suggested tag.

You’ll see my ‘nickname‘ listed underneath my name in my personal Facebook profile, ‘The Social Marketing Queen‘.

Because I have set this up, my name appears as a suggested tag if any of my Facebook friends are tagging someone with ‘@soc‘, ‘@mar‘, or ‘@que‘ in their name.

Facebook Nickname Tag

By adding a nickname that relates to your business, you’ll be giving your friends a gentle reminder of what you do, regularly. 🙂

How to add your Facebook Nickname:

1) Click on your name at the top of Facebook to open your personal profile.

2) Click “Edit Profile” which is at the bottom of your cover image.

3) Look for “About Info“, then “Edit About Info”.

4) In the left hand side menu on the next page, select “Details About You“.

5) Then, “Add a Nickname“.

6) Enter the nickname you want to use, and tick the box, “Add to Top of Profile“.

7) Save.

How to Add a Facebook Nickname Flow Diagram

Job done!

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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