Amanda Tooke is one of my private Facebook advertising mentoring clients. During one of our weekly calls, we were reviewing the results of her Facebook ads campaign that we’d set up 10 days previously… and in the 10 days since she started her ad campaign, she had generated 474 new OPT-INS at a cost of 21p each!



474 opt ins for 21p each!

Profitable Facebook ads strategy:

The first part of our work together was to get clear on who her ideal clients are, and the pain/frustration they have that brings them to Amanda. Once we’d established who she wanted to attract with her ads, she set about creating a compelling lead magnet that will give them some relief.

This is the lead magnet she created – a free meditation to meet your guardian Angel.

Next step was to build a conversion funnel, and her immediate funnel consisted of 2 pages:

  • Squeeze page – the page that ‘sells’ the free incentive, where they complete a short form, giving Amanda their name and email address. Those who opt in here are new leads.
  • Thank you page – this is the page that is shown to each new lead, immediately they submit the form. This can be a generic thank you page or a sales page for a trip wire product. People who see this page have just converted as a lead.

In Facebook we created remarketing audiences for both pages. We also created a custom conversion for the thank you page.

Now, we crafted a conversion optimised Facebook ad campaign, to promote the lead magnet to her targeted audience.

It’s not just the set-up of a Facebook ad campaign that determines its success. Equally important is that the language and image used in the ad ‘talks’ to the audience. Amanda is really good at connecting with her audience, so she went off and wrote the ads and located the images.

If you’re not as tuned into your audience as Amanda is, I can show you how to discover the language they use, and then we can keep testing to find what works.

The ad campaign had two ad-sets, each targeting one interest.

In my own campaigns, I find that the cost per conversion and images that the audience respond to vary wildly between ad sets. In Amanda’s campaign, the results were pretty much equal between both audiences. That’s why split testing is so important. You never know what works until you start testing. Then you can tweak and test again until you find the magic combination.

Behind the initial Facebook ads campaign, there is a 7-day follow-up email sequence to share valuable content and begin building a relationship with the people who have just subscribed to Amanda’s list. In these emails, Amanda will invite them to take the next step, which for this funnel is to purchase her full set of Angel meditations.

Plus, we’ll set-up a remarketing Facebook ads campaign, to also promote the set of meditations to those who opted-in for the freebie. We do that by targeted the ad to the remarketing audience we created from the thank you page.

This is a graphic showing a conversion funnel set up, and how the sequence flows from one step to the next:


When Amanda first came to me, she believed she would never understand Facebook ads. Previously she had outsourced her ads management, because she felt that they knew more than her about how to gets ads working.

Yet, with my help, guiding her step by step through each part of the process, she now has a deep understanding of funnels and advertising, with the knowledge that she can take away and apply to any future ad campaigns she wishes to run.

The campaign we built together also achieved much better results that any of her previous campaigns!

How about you?

Have you been dabbling with Facebook advertising, but given up because you realised you were spending more money on ads than you were getting back in sales?

Perhaps you’ve boosted a few page posts and got likes and comments, but you didn’t make any sales?

Maybe the idea of being able to put your ads in front of very specific audiences based on their previous behaviours excites you, but you don’t know how or where to start?

Got questions? Send me a message via the contact box at the bottom of this page..

I can’t promise 22p leads but we’ll definitely be able to get you new leads cheaper than you are getting them now.

Watch Amanda’s video testimonial:

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Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
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