Presenting live webinars can be a pretty scary prospect when you’re new to this method of delivery. Aside from preparing the content and testing your sales funnel, you need to be au-fait with managing the technical aspects of the hosting dashboard too.

So with 101 things going on at once, most of which are likely new to you, you’ll be forgiven for focusing only on keeping abreast of the basics.

But in the 4 years that I’ve been hosting live webinars personally, I’ve learned a few things that I wish I’d known from the beginning.

So I’m sharing them here, so you can deliver the best webinar experiences you can, right from the off;

4 Common Mistakes Made by Live Webinar Presenters

#1: Don’t forget to hit the record button!

If your webinar platform requires you to manually choose to record your webinar, make sure that you hit the record button before you start.

GoToWebinar is the industry leader in webinar software, and it’s the platform most experienced presenters use. GoToWebinar require you to manually select to record your presentation.

At the very least, if you’ve made an offer to your attendees to buy or register for something during your webinar, you’ll want to make the replay available to your community for a few days following the live broadcast, to increase the number of sales you make.

Forget to hit the record button and you’ve either got to do it all again to yourself torecord it, or you lose out on the extra sales.  (I often make 75%+ of my total webinar sales from the replay!)

If you want to turn your live webinar into an evergreen webinar, that your community can continue to register for, and attend into the future, then you’ll need the recording to upload to the evergreen webinar software.

Oh, and while we’re in the dashboard, don’t forget to unmute your microphone before you start talking too. Even the most seasoned webinar presenters have been known to forget that step, eh Nick James?! He once delivered the first 15 minutes of a webinar with his mic muted! J

#2: Talk to your ideal client

Presenting a webinar is an odd feeling – especially if you’ve been used to speaking to live audiences and seeing their non-verbal feedback.

When you’re presenting a webinar, it’s just you and your computer screen. You know there are people there, but you can’t see or hear them, so it feels a bit like you’re talking to yourself.

So what I recommend is that you go to Google Images, and type in a few traits of your ideal client avatar, hit search, and choose a picture that looks like how you imagine your ideal client to look.

Print the picture and pin it up where it will be directly in your eye line when you’re presenting. As you talk, look at that picture and imagine you’re speaking to them.

You’ll find it easier to feel comfortable delivering your presentation, when you visualise the face in the picture as being in the room with you.

#3: Anticipate zero interaction

Sometimes when you present a webinar, especially when you’re just getting started, you may only have a handful of attendees. Even with a lot of attendees, they might be so immersed in your content, that they aren’t typing anything into the question box.

I’ve watched experienced presenters fall apart when the audience aren’t interacting with them, and they have no back-up plan. So let’s make a back-up plan.

Prepare a list of about 10 questions that you’d like to be asked to overcome objections on your offer, or to add brevity to the content topics you’ve covered.

Have this list of Q&A next to you, and if you don’t get any or many questions from the attendees, you’ll have a bank of them available that you can pretend have been asked by attendees.

When people hear that others are asking questions, it often prompts them to do so too. It also takes away all of the panic of trying to think of something off the cuff, or feeling like a Billy No Mates!

#4: Imagine an audience of 100,000

Confession: I’ve recorded webinars in the past where Bill and I were the only attendees. But had you have been there, you’d never have known because in my head I imagined that 100,000 people were in attendance and soaking up the amazing content I’m sharing.

In my head I was on stage at the O2 – yeah baby!

I’ve watched replays of webinars where the presenter has confided to me privately that only one person turned up, and as a listener it was so bloody obvious that the presenter was acutely aware of the lack of attendance that the experience they gave me, the attendee, was a total turn off.

Here’s the thing… nobody except you knows how many others are there (unless you’re using meeting software (like GoToMeeting!) that announces the numbers – don’t use meeting software!) and if you imagine that you have 100,000 viewers the energy behind your delivery will be magnetic to those listening to you.

People want to align themselves to popular people, so be that magnetic personality that everyone wants to hang out with, and you’ll have a winning webinar that your community will want to recommend to their friends – and you’ll make more sales.

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Veronica Pullen

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