These 9 Facebook compliant squeeze page tips for have been provided by Kevin Davis from Paid Traffic Lab and are being shared here with his permission.

Google came down on squeeze pages a few years ago, and many marketers transferred their PPC marketing budget across to Facebook where the rules on squeeze pages were not so stringent.

However, Facebook have now also become more wary of squeeze pages, probably for the same reason as Google did. Their top priority is to provide their users with a great “user experience”, and allowing marketers to attract Facebook users to pages specifically designed to hiding the identity of the marketer, yet requesting personal information does not sit well with them.

So, in 2015, there are a number of ways that you can ensure your squeeze and sales pages do serve Facebook’s users in the way they want you to, which in turn will mean you have a far greater chance of being allowed to remain as an advertiser on their platform.

So what are Kevin’s top tips for Facebook compliant squeeze pages?

#1: Avoid making claims based on income.

Don’t use phrases such as “multiply your income”, or worse, “get rich quick” – or any variation of these. Facebook really doesn’t like them, and it will flag you up on their “spammy marketer” radar.

#2: Tell visitors who they are giving their information to

In the footer of your squeeze or sales page, share your company name, address, phone number and email address. Let people know who you are upfront, so they can do their due diligence on you if they wish.

#3: Share your legals

In the footer of your squeeze or sales page, add links that lead off to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to increase the level of trust between you – and so visitors can check they are happy with how you will use their data, before they give it to you

#4: Flesh out the copy on your page

Don’t just use a headline and subheadline. Add some extra content to the page that shows what benefits they will receive in exchange for giving you their details.

#5: Add additional navigation

Add links to other areas of your site too. I add a link to my home and contact pages in my footers. It all helps your visitors (and Facebook) to trust you.

#6: Have a real home page

When you link them to a home page, make it your genuine home page that links off to even more of your site that they can explore.

Facebook Compliant Squeeze and Sales Pages

#7: Use video

Using video in your ads that plays within users’ Facebook newsfeed is a low cost, highly compelling way of getting your adverts noticed. Autoplay in newsfeed is the default setting, so users have to disable the feature to stop ads playing as soon as they appear. This is a great opportunity for you to get their attention with the right video.

Adding video to your squeeze/sales page will keep their attention on your page for longer, and reduce your bounce rate.

Bounce rate now plays a part in your ad pricing, and will impact the decision to approve (or not!) your ad too!

#8: No exit pop ups!

Do not use any form of exit pop up on your pages that you are using Facebook ads to direct traffic too. It’s another “spammy” tactic that Facebook wants to protect its users from.

And one more from me…

#9: Build your Website Audience

Before you get started with Facebook ads, and at the point where you’re creating your squeeze or sales pages that you may be paying to promote, install the Facebook remarketing pixel (if you haven’t already!)

Then, as soon as your ad starts sending visitors to your page, you are tracking that audience and building a remarketing database that will benefit you for future ads; either by targeting later ads to the people who have previously visited your page, or by creating a lookalike audience from the data, to find similar people to target.

If you’re not familiar with how to install the Facebook remarketing pixel, check out my previous post where I walk through the steps involved. Install your pixel/s now so you can start tracking immediately

So there you have it. 9 top tips for how you can ensure your squeeze and sales pages are Facebook compliant in 2015.

I create all of my squeeze and sales pages using Dan Harrison’s SqueezePage Toolkit software, and all of the above can easily be done using this software. Dan has even added a “Footer Menu” widget to the drag and drop page builder, where you can create a navigation menu in your page footer area – perfect for adding your footer links from steps 5 and 6 above

You can get a 30 day free trial of SqueezePage Toolkit HERE

You can get access to an exclusive Get Started 3-page account for £10 per month HERE


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