Even if you are not yet considering using Facebook remarketing as part of your ads strategy in the short term, it is recommended that you add a remarketing pixel to EVERY website/page and every squeeze/sales page now.

Then the audience will be building for you, ready for you to use when you want to advertise to them.

Strategy #1: Create a Custom Audience from your Website

Go to Facebook > Manage Ads > Audiences

Click “Create Audience” and choose “Custom Audience

Select “Website traffic” from the list, and you will see this screen;

Create website traffic

Here you can select the type of audience you want to create. If you want to create an audience of people who only visit certain links (or not) you can add the entire URLs to the page in the next box.

You may want to target one type of ad to someone who visits a page on your site where you sell product/service A, and a second type of ad to someone who visits a page where you sell product/service B – creating 2 separate audiences will enable you to do that easily.

Choose duration

The default cookie period is 30 days, but can be edited to a maximum of 180 days or a minimum of 1 day. “Include past web traffic” will only pick up traffic that has visited since the addition of the pixel, so if you haven’t added your pixel yet, download my free guide and do it now.

Next give your audience a name – I use names that help me to identify the audience easily, such as “[site name abbreviated]/[page name]/180d” to determine the page/s the audience is being built from, and for how long.

Wait 30 minuites or so for Facebook to track your visits and create your custom audience from the people who have visited your website.

You won’t see an audience size until it reaches 1,000+ people. until then, you’ll see “fewer than 1000 people” in the audience size column.

Once you have received 20 visits to the specified URL post pixel installation, the audience will start building and you will be able to create an ad and advertise specifically to those people.


Strategy #2: Create a Lookalike Audience

This strategy is not actually a remarketing strategy. It is a really cool way to reach new people who are similar to an audience you care about.

Go to Facebook > Manage Ads > Audiences

Click “Create Audience” and choose “Lookalike Audience

Choose an existing audience and a country to target then click on create Audience.

You have to make sure there are at least a minimum of 100 people from the same country in the Source Audience you are using to create your lookalike audience. For best results wait until there are at least 1000 people in the audience.

Marketing is all about statistics. There is a huge possibility that if you find a group of people who have identical needs and interests to another group of people you are working with and giving you great results, it’s possible that you can get the same positive results from that new group of people.

*If after you have set up your pixel, you see the message “You have opted out of tracking from Facebook, so the tracking events were not processed. To verify a pixel you have installed, update your tracking settings.” – follow these steps to update your tracking settings;

  • Click on the upside down triangle on the top right of your Facebook feed
  • Select ‘settings’
  • Choose ‘ads’ from the left hand menu
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see “ads based on your use of websites” – click on the link to the European Digital Alliance
  • Click on “your ad choices”
  • When the page finishes loading, you’ll see a list of all sites that have set-up a cookie to track your visit, and are delivering adverts customised to your interests.
  • Make sure Facebook is showing as ‘on’.
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Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
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