• Are you getting lots of clients, but some or all of them aren’t the type of client you really want to be working with in your ideal business?
  • Does the income goal you’ve set yourself feel miles away, and you can’t see a way you can reach it anytime soon… well not without having to work even more hours anyway?
  • Do you feel under pressure to accept anyone who is willing to pay to work with you… because turning away clients means your income suffers. And you have bills to pay so any client will do?

How To Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients | Veronica PullenIn the early days it’s easier to accept everyone who is willing and able to pay you, I agree.

But what will ultimately happen is that you’ll be doing a lot of work, with clients who don’t inspire you, and not be making the money you want because the people you attract won’t pay what you deserve.

If you answered yes to the questions at the beginning of this post, you’ve already reached that point in your business. Something is going to have to give soon.

And you don’t want that ‘thing’ to be your sanity!

I do totally know how you feel right now. I’ve been there, got the tee shirt… and it’s been well worn!

But when I reached that point, I knew it was my responsibility to change my future. I had to start making changes or I’d still be facing this problem a year down the line.

The responsibility for change starts… and ends, with you!

The first thing that turned my business around is committing to the business I want. Committing to myself that I wasn’t going to accept anything less than what I chose.

The second thing (and this was the hardest part for me) was believing I deserve to have the business I want too… and charge what I’m worth!

How to attract more of your ideal clients

How To Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients | Veronica PullenStep #1: Your ideal client avatar

Firstly create (write) the avatar of your ideal client. Really imagine them; feel their pains, what wakes them up at 3am, what they dream of and hope for

Let’s call her “Anna” for now. Who is Anna?

Step #2: Review your message

Now revisit all your marketing. Write as if you’re only writing to Anna. Talk to everything you know about her. Craft your offers to serve her. Look at what Anna needs that you’re not offering.

Does your business model take Anna through a journey from pain to heaven via different steps/investment levels? From £free to ££££.

Anytime you write an email/blog/create a video etc, remember you’re talking to Anna.

Step #3: Review your audience… are you hanging out with Anna?

Hang out where the Anna’s are spending time… get yourself in front of all the Anna’s – online and offline.

Look for Facebook groups and Twitter chats where collectively the Anna’s are… when you spend the majority of your time where they might be one or two Anna’s, your results will be fewer than when they are most Anna’s, with a handful of ‘Shirley’s’.

That might mean ditching, or reducing the time you spend in groups that you have good social conversations, but that time isn’t converting into results. But your time is limited, so you will have to make changes if you want different (better) outcomes.

Miracles and abundance will flow…

What will happen is that the Anna‘s will hear you. They’ll flock to you because they know you totally hear them. Your offerings will be what they need etc

Putting your prices up will attract even more Anna‘s. You’re their expert. They’ll know that and know that they need you – nobody else gets them like you do.

Ramp up your credibility by showcasing the results that you’ve got for other Anna‘s.

Set the intention, put it out there. “I want 20 Anna‘s” or whatever. Imagine your business full of Anna‘s. Believe you’re worth Anna.

And don’t deviate and start thinking “oh well ‘Shirley‘ is ok, I’ll see if I can attract ‘Shirley‘ too”. If Shirley comes and you want Shirley, you don’t have to turn her away.

But make it your choice. Hold the power and own the decision.

Want more ideal client attraction strategies? Here’s 4 books I recommend you read…

#1: Get Rich Lucky B*tch by Denise Duffield Thomas: When you’ve read this book, your whole mindset around money (and attracting more of it towards you) will have changed dramatically. The end result will be anew found determination to uplevel your lifestyle. This book has had the biggest impact on me over the past year!

#2: Premium by Rob Cuesta: I know Rob personally but that’s not why I’m recommending his book. What you’ll take away is a much clearer idea of how you can offer VIP level services for VIP level charges – giving you that VIP level income.

#3: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks: I read this book on holiday, and it totally blew my mind. You know how sometimes you get a bit of great news, then life turns crap almost straight away… like you have a big fight with your partner or you get sick? That isn’t a co-incidence… it’s what Gay calls “upper limiting behaviours” to keep you playing small. The best bit is that when you know how to recognise the behaviour, you can obliterate it. Yay!

#4: E-Cubed by Pam Grout (I preferred this sequel to the original “E-Squared” – but if you have time, you could read both): This book is similar to Denise’s in that it’s about how you can manifest anything you want in life. And through the exercises inside, Pam sets about proving to you that manifesting works – you’ll get the proof in front of your own eyes.

Click on the title below to order direct from Amazon.co.uk

When you’ve read all 4 of these books, you’ll have the insights and tools to create your ideal lifestyle, and attract a flow of Anna‘s.

Has this post inspired you to be the change you want? What is the one thing you will commit to doing to attract a flow of Anna’s into your business?