Recently, I gave an interview to Adele McLay from Success Leadership about my journey through adversity to where I am today.

Check out what Adele had to say;

Imagine living with:

  • rheumatoid arthritis leading to considerable movement impairment and constant pain;
  • significant hearing difficulties;
  • eyesight difficulties, such that you can’t see at night;
  • and, to top it all off, Asperger’s Syndrome.

And imagine if most of those health challenges manifested while being a teenager!  If you were coping with those AdeleMclayconditions, what would your life be like now?  How would you be living and earning an income?

Let me introduce you to Veronica Pullen, a true inspiration!  Veronica lives daily with all the conditions noted above, but has not let them stop her achieving massively in her life and career.  From the comfort of her home, Veronica runs a highly successful social media company, consulting to national and international clients, including some very big names in the market.

I hope you can gain inspiration and motivation from Veronica’s journey, persistence, and success in business.  Use Veronica’s story to inspire you into action to push on with achieving the dream you have set for your own business.

Click here  to listen to the audio recording of the Veronica Pullen interview with Adele McLay

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