I recently came across this blog post from Gemma Thompson of Social Media Illumination where she explains that a Solicitor friend of hers has raised concerns that by naming individuals on your Facebook Fan of The Week status updates, you could be in breach of the Data Protection Act!

To be honest, I don’t like this trend for naming people for doing nothing more than liking or commenting on posts… to me it feels like you’ve got nothing interesting to say so you resort to making a public announcement that someone has clicked the like button on your page!

Look at me! Someone has liked my Facebook page!

In today’s news…

It brings an image to my mind of going into Primark and spending £1 on a pair of socks only to hear the DING DONG of the store tannoy as you leave the till…



I mean, come on?! I’m not averse to a bit of attention but buying a £1 pair of socks in no way warrants that kind of attention does it?!

I can’t see that liking your Facebook Page or posting a few comments justifies the attention of being named as a Fan of The Week either?

Having someone like your page is a low rate activity. It doesn’t justify the huge announcement you’re making to all your other fans and is a bit “LOOK AT ME! I’VE GOT A FAN!”

So?! I have too! Now tell me something interesting… what’s the weather like?!

Seriously?! That’s all you’ve got to tell me? I’ve liked your page and in return I get to read that someone has liked or commented on your page and it’s raining?! Now… where’s that unlike button?

Anyway, I’m digressing. This potential breach of the Data Protection Act is a serious concern. You don’t want to risk receiving a huge fine as well as boring your fans so I’d recommend you read Gemma’s blog post now HERE

This breach also leads me nicely back to the Facebook T&Cs for promotions and competitions on your Facebook Page too. One of the rules is that you cannot name competition winners in a status update so I can’t really see the difference between that and announcing new likers?

So many Page Admins are breaching these T&Cs and I’ve got to tell you… if Facebook discover the breach your Page will be removed without notice or recourse!

Don’t risk losing everything you’ve been building by unwittingly breaking their rules. Check out the blog I wrote last year which links you back to the official Terms and Conditions too.

PS it’s raining here today! 🙂