The act of ‘checking in’ at places is fast becoming very popular with consumers. Using FourSquare or Facebook Places allows visitors to share their current location with friends on Twitter and Facebook at the press of a button.

If you’re a Retailer these location based services can be a great tool for your business. By encouraging your customers to check in when they visit your premises, you can reach a significantly increased audience who will discover who you are, where you are and what you can offer.

Customers love rewards and they want to feel special. Offering a small discount or other form of incentive to those who have achieved a certain number of check ins at your store will encourage customers to make a repeat journey to you to qualify for the rewards. Of course, there is no guarantee that each time a customer visits to check in they’d actually spend any money but they may do. You have increased awareness of your business and improved your chances of making a sale. You haven’t had to buy the software and whilst you will bear the cost of the discount or offer, it’s against a sale you might not have achieved by other means.

There is more detail on how your business can benefit from location based services in this article from