I know there are people who think I am a “show off”.

I know there are people who think I “talk about myself too much”.

And I know there are people who think I “milk everything for my own benefit”.

I know this because I have been told it all my life.

But do you know what I also know?

I don’t always.

Plenty of times I get in my own head and feel not good enough.

My “Conscious Sun” – success path – in Human Design is Gate 10.

Gate 10 paraphrased is to have “extreme self-belief”.

Times in my life where I have backed myself boldly, when I’ve taken HUGE leaps to my goals, are when I have my biggest successes.

Like the time when I had been a qualified AAT (bookkeeper) for 4 months and followed my inner guidance to apply for a job in a travel group as their Accounts Manager, reporting to the MD.

I didn’t get the job; they created a Deputy role because they wanted me but felt I wasn’t “quite” ready. LOL!

6 months later, they fired the new Accounts Manager, and I got the job!

Other people’s projections of their own dissatisfaction onto me won’t stop me following my conscious sun to make bold, ‘braggy’ moves.

The main thing I know, 99% of the time it isn’t ‘other people’ who are saying you are pompous.

It’s you – your subconscious mind.

And that, my love, speaks the most nonsense of all.

So, come on, let’s give bragging a whirl now.

Tell me something that is AMAZING about you…


Time to soothe your inner child who owns that fearful voice, so you can heal and get out of your own way, eh?!

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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