A while ago I spotted that someone else’s new group offering was very similar to my signature group program.
The most interesting part of this for me was my reaction to discovering the offer.
In 2010, I entered this industry with a LOT of insecurity beneath the surface.
I had been a year out of Bankruptcy, 6 months on jobseekers before 2 admin jobs, disabled, inside I was the poster girl for ‘not enough’ and lack mindset.
Had I seen this back then, I would have spiralled into the dark thoughts such as:
“They’re [better] than me. Why would people work with me when they can work with them?”
“Their pricing is different. I need to change my pricing!”
“We can’t both sell the same offer. I should just give up!”
Yesterday, none of those thoughts entered my head.

My first thought:

“Go me! I must be into something if two of us have the same idea!”


My second thought:

“It’s possible that me talking about my signature offer in the past 4 months has inspired their new idea.
Ha, I’m a trailblazer!”
(This may not be true but I’m choosing it to be true because it serves me! Lol)

My third thought: 

“Lemme have a look at their copy to see if there’s any swipes I can pick up to model how they communicate theirs.”
Only then did I start justifying the differences to myself … (clearly there is still a bit of the old lack thinking lurking in there then, eh?!)

– mine covers marketing too and is tailored to the Generator/Manifesting Generator “responder” way of being,


– my members learn how to strategically and effectively use their instinctive response to increase social media visibility, improve copywriting skills and repurpose what they write into engaging content.

I’m not sharing this to say anything at all about the other person.
It’s for the person who needs to hear this…
In the many years I’ve been mentoring business owners, I have supported that lot of amazing people who have felt derailed by their negative thoughts about ‘competition’.
With everything going on in the world now, you may be feeling fear and anxiety about what other people in your industry are doing.


I believe strongly that there is enough clients for ALL of us.

❤️ If you have an idea for a course but someone else has already launched something similar, sell it anyway.
(People will buy from you because they like, know and trust you more. And vice versa.)
❤️ If you see someone with an offer that is similar to yours, don’t let it mean anything negative about you or them.
(Unless it’s blatantly plagiarised!)

Notice all the ways it’s positive for you. (Must be needed if they’re doing it too!)

❤️ If there are people who persistently trigger or annoy you, pause or block them.

You have a bigger responsibility to maintain the wellbeing of your business’ most valuable asset – your mind – than anything else.


You’ve got this! ❤️

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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