As we walked into the furniture store, I showed the friendly sales man who approached us which sofa we were looking for, and he took us straight there.

Sofa, so good. (Soz!)

Immediately we spotted a problem.

This sofa was 7ft.

Ours is 6ft.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I should have checked the measurements! LOL.

No problem”, says Mr Salesman, “I’ve got another 6ft 3-seater over here”.

Lesson 1: The Power of Scarcity and Implication

Note the use of ‘another’, implying ‘one other’ = scarcity.

Subtle, yet powerful.

Sidenote: How are y’all fitting 7ft sofas in your lounge room?!

I didn’t think our house was tiny, but a 7ft sofa is not gonna fit! 

“Try the 2-seater first and see if you like the premium seat covers”.

Yep, we liked ‘em.

The way he communicated the price is the first sales copy lesson that I want to share with you.

Lesson 2: Presenting the Best Option First

“The price of this 3-seater sofa is £2,199.

It comes with delivery to the room of your choice, premium seat coverings, Scotchguard protection, and a care kit.”

In other words, he gave us the BEST option for that sofa first.

His stance and tonality clearly showed that he was EXPECTING us to say yes, too.

That is despite him knowing this price is £900 more than we came in with the intention of spending.

This is a perfect example of why you should always reveal the best solution first.

Because now we’ve been offered the best, we can say yes and enjoy the ultimate of outcomes, or we have to start compromising what we’ve already mentally bought.

Lesson 3: Adding Tangible Value to the Purchase

I mean, do we want the superior covers that will last twice as long, or do we want to save a couple of hundred quid and opt for the cheaper ones that will sag or tear faster?

Do we want to take the chance we’ll never spill something on the sofa and save £150 on the Scotchguard, risking a permanent stain when we accidentally knock over a pint of Ribena?

(This actually happened in the first flat I ever rented.

There was a pint of Ribena on the floor, and it went over, leaving a triangular shaped, pint-sized purple stain all over their pale beige carpet.

Wasn’t me who spilt it, but I am still traumatised by the memory of the horror I felt watching it go over, in slow motion!)

And no, we didn’t want the aggro of collecting it from their warehouse and lugging it into the house or finding someone else to do it, so we could save paying them for delivery.


He got a sale that was worth £900 more than we set out to spend.

We got a ‘compact’ sofa that perfect matched what we wanted and walked out excited for it to arrive.

Before we left, he had another smart selling lesson up his sleeve.

He walked off and came back carrying a box.

Inside was the care kit for us to take away today.

So how can you apply these selling lessons?

#1- Always state the best offer first.

Ensure your top tier offer is the ULTIMATE option for your dream client, the best way you can serve their needs.

#2- Give them something tangible at the time of purchase.

When access to what your client has just bought is not instant or within the next couple of days, give them something valuable they can take away today to increase their buy in.

For example, when you hire me to write your “Sizzling Sales Copy”, you instantly receive a “30 Ways to Use Your Copy to Generate Sales in 30 Days” PDF guide, so you’re ready to multiply the ROI on your investment in the copy.

#3- Always tell your prospect WHY each feature included in your offer matters.

For example, he didn’t just say ‘premium covers are included in the price’.

He told us that the premium covers will last twice as long as the standard ones, so we understood how paying extra for them benefitted.

Which of these sales strategies is your favourite?

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Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen