It’s easy to stick your head in the sand and hope someone will come and take away the parts of running your online business that you don’t enjoy or understand.

However, when it comes to these 4 important online changes, it’s time to wake up. You cannot afford to ignore them any longer!

Important online change #1: Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Facebook recently announced that posts that link to slow loading websites will receive less priority in newsfeed placement.

This is bad news for you if your site it slow to load because it means very few people will get to read the blog posts you write.

Instant Articles is a native Facebook feature that clones your (WordPress) blog posts inside Facebook. When the link to the blog post is clicked from a mobile app, it loads instantly.

I’m seeing my posts that include links to Instant Articles are getting better reach too. Like Facebook Live, Facebook reward marketers who use their native features by placing your post in more newsfeeds. When you get Instant Articles set up, your blog content will be seen by more people.

Here’s one of my Instant Article posts. If you’re reading this on a mobile, click the link in this post and see how fast it loads – instantly, right!

NOW is the time to get Instant Articles set up if you have a WordPress blog.

Important online change #2: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR is a new data protection law coming out in 2018 that will require you to obtain a higher level of permission to collect and hold data on your customers, employees, and yourselves.

It’s going to be your responsibility to know the personal data protection and storage policy of every third-party provider you use, such as your email service, CRM, and payment processors.

You’ll also be required to be more transparent over how you will use the data, and be able to show a clear audit trail as proof of compliance.

The law doesn’t change on this until May 2018 but you should be aware of its importance now. It would be wise to also begin researching if your existing providers will enable you to comply when the law comes into effect in case you need to source alternatives.

Important online change #3: Facebook Messenger Bots

Another recent Facebook algorithm change is the staggered publishing of posts into newsfeeds over a few days.

That means Messenger is the only way to guarantee 100% of your marketing messages will reach your audience INSTANTLY!

With 75% open and read rates, Messenger marketing is also the most likely of your marketing to be seen.

After all, the standard open rate for email marketing is only 25%!

Now is the time to start building your Messenger audience, before the masses get involved and make it more difficult for you to attract subscribers.

Important online change #4: SSL (Your website URL is ‘https://’ instead of ‘http://’)

Since January this year, if your site does not have SSL, it’s being flagged as ‘non-secure’ in Chrome.

You can see the difference in the image below. The top URL is this website. You can see the padlock and ‘Secure‘ alert. Underneath, is Bill’s blog which we haven’t updated yet. This has a warning icon to indicate that the site does not have SSL in place.

Very soon, this warning icon will change to the words, ‘Not Secure‘ which will very likely scare away visitors, losing you enquiries, leads and sales.

Important Online Changes You Cannot Afford to Ignore SSL

For the reasons already stated, plus the fact that Google will further penalise non-secure sites for ranking in the near future, too, now is the time to upgrade your site to SSL.

Joining my 6-Month Aligned Business Incubator Mastermind will make complying easier!

When you join the Aligned Business Incubator, you’ll get access to:

[*] Step by step guidance to create, promote, sell and deliver your online program or services online

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[*] Live training and Q&A with experts in the areas I am not, who will help you ensure your online business is fully compliant. For example, I hosted a live call with my accountant recently, where we broke down the VAT Moss rules into plain English. As a result, all my members now understand whether VAT Moss applies to their online programs, and how to comply if it does.

[*] Profitable Facebook ads and Messenger Bots tuition to benefit from the opportunities both offer when you know how to use both of these powerful tool, effectively.

[*] The support of me and your group of ‘business besties’ who want you to succeed. We will be there for you at every step of your journey to build or grow your business online, doing the work that fills you up, so the clients you love get their best results.

The 6-Month Aligned Business Incubator is a safe space for you to experience a transformation of yourself and your business.

Check out the details here, and join now to get up to 21 additional days added for free.


Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen