When I started my business, I got my website built, and began adding pages and content. Over the years it’s grown in stages to what it is today…

… a fundamental part of my online presence and business.

I’m sure your website is for you too.

Twice this week I have heard from people who have had their WordPress websites hacked.

What they – and near enough every business owner I know (including me!) – failed to do, BEFORE they were hacked, was to get an expert on board to make their website secure.

In the beginning, I ‘thought’ I had it all covered with the free plugins I’d added. I was wrong.

Could You be the Next Website Hacking Statistic

It’s exactly the same story with backing up website and document files.

Most people (including me again!) ignore everything they hear about backing up, until the day they experience that monumental feeling of panic at losing everything when their hard drive crashes, or their website is hacked.

What would happen if your website was hacked today and you lost ALL access? Is the site fully backed up so it could be restored easily from a clean backup?

Or would you have to start over, adding every bit of content again?

Do you know how to clean the site of all malware or would you have to pay someone their ‘emergency rate’ to get the site cleaned up and back online quickly?

You wouldn’t leave your bricks and mortar office unlocked 24 hours a day and expect nothing to get stolen or trashed.

Yet, from the amount of people getting their sites hacked, it’s clear that online business owners are not giving the same level of thought to their website security.

As business owners, anything that happens in our business is 100% our fault. Unfortunately, that means it will be YOUR fault if your website is hacked because you hadn’t taken expert advice to protect it.

Seriously, please don’t become another website hacking statistic.

Don’t leave your website open and vulnerable then be surprised when it is hacked and trashed.

Hire a WordPress expert to make the site secure, back it up regularly, and protect you from the risk of losing everything you’ve built.

For the past couple of years we’ve had an external hard drive that backs up my entire computer every night, we store all of our documents in the cloud, and I’ve hired a tech team to backup, secure and maintain my websites too.

But like I said, that wasn’t always the case… and when the inevitable happened, it cost me dearly!

Here’s the details of the people who look after our sites. If you hire them, tell them I sent you.

But this post isn’t about promoting their services, or indeed, any particular expert or service.

It’s about protecting you.

Because I saw a post in a Facebook group last night from a guy who’d had all 7 of his sites hacked and was upset at what it was going to cost him to get it all fixed and back online. After reading that, I felt compelled to write this post to you today…

… in case you haven’t yet taken action to secure your own site/s and could be the next person to experience the major hassle and expense of a hacked website?

I really hope not!

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

The Mile-Deep Marketing Queen at Apples to Oranges Ltd
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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen