Just under six months ago Dominic Hodgson was frantically busy but feeling stuck. He had lots of ideas for what he could do to change his life, but no plan for how to implement the ideas.

He knew he wanted to break out from being a local business owner working with his clients in person, but he didn’t see how he could leverage his knowledge and move from a situation where he was always exchanging time for money.

He wanted a leveraged expert business but had no email list.

He had no idea how (or even, if) he could achieve his goal.

He was starting from scratch with online marketing.

In his own words “I was just a dog walker from Sunderland!”

Dominic Hodgson Dastardly Dog Trainer

Over the past few months, he’s worked hard to collate his knowledge and experience of dog behaviour and training into a clearly defined Signature System. He’s written an eBook and already several hundred people have opted in to download it.

Last night he hosted his first ever webinar to launch his flagship information product, and made ten sales during the webinar. There’s still several days of the launch period to go yet, and I fully expect his sales to increase by several multiples before the offer closes.

Six months ago he didn’t know what a webinar was.

By the way, he hasn’t created the information product yet.

He’ll be building it as he goes along, delivering the training to his ‘pilot group’ live, via weekly webinars and recording them.

Sell first, create later.

But this is only the beginning. Once he’s taken his pilot group through the training, he’ll add the webinar recordings to a membership site and re-launch the program.

For no additional work, he’ll be able to sell this program again and again – a passive income, for as long as he wants it – via an automated sales funnel.

Evergreen passive income, on autopilot.

Even that is only a small piece of the picture. He’ll also splinter off parts of the flagship program to create additional information products to sell individually – including a Trip Wire offer.

More passive income.

There’ll be upsells available, monthly group and 1:1 support delivered by phone or Skype – recurring income opportunities.

The value of his ‘in person’ time will significantly increase as a result of having information products available too.

Dominic’s big goal is to replace his wife’s salary so she can join him in the business. If he carries on marketing as he has so far, that goal’s looking likely to be achievable next year.

Remember I said that six months ago he didn’t have a list?

Nearly 200 people registered for his webinar last night.

That’s 200 new people he can build and nurture a relationship with.

200 new, prospective customers – in addition to those who have downloaded his eBook and continue to do so, every day.

Dominic Hodgson Dastardly Dog TransformationI am full of gratitude that I get to share this journey with him; to have this opportunity to help him make the transformation from the ‘time for money trap’ into his leveraged online business that will serve his lifestyle goals.

I’ll leave you with this message that Dominic posted on Facebook after his webinar:

“Hi everyone, I did my launch webinar tonight and it went really well.

I’ve made sales already and even the peeps who didn’t buy (yet) said they got a lot of value from the webinar.

I originally stumbled across Veronica through our #SBS connection but I quickly bought into what she does, and now I have a signature system, lead magnet, an email list (that has grown about 20% this month) and now my first info product live!

(This is all from the past few months!)

More important it’s been FUN too, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Yes it’s been a bit stressful at times and I’ve had to put the hours in, but I’ve enjoyed every minute.

I’m a dog walker from Sunderland and now I’m selling information products, making money online and HELPING people too!

It’s unreal and so exciting!

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t invested in Veronica’s intensive mentoring, so thank you V!”

The sentence in bold above really touched me. A passion for helping people is what drives me, how about you?

(11/10) Edited to add: a few days later, he posted this message on Facebook…

“My business has changed completely since I launched my online dog training information product this week!

Veronica Pullen is a bit of a genius when it comes to helping business people like us leverage what we already know so we can help more people online and break out of being just a ‘local’ business owner. 

If you’re intrigued about moving your business online, then you should speak to Veronica to see if she can help you too!


If you want to discover how you can enjoy safe, stress-free walks with your dog excited to spend time with you alone, check out Dominic’s “Dastardly Dog Transformation” program.


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