If thoughts become your reality, are you manifesting a reality that you don’t want, by focusing on the very thing that you don’t want? Do you believe your thoughts and let them dictate your reality – even though they have no foundations in truth until you make them truth?

We’ve just come back from a couple of days in Worthing seeing my mum, and yesterday we left her about 15 minutes later than usual.

For Bill, my husband, this delay was stressing him out. As soon as we got into the car, he started reciting his story; “we’re going to get held up in the roadworks, we’ll miss the ferry and then we won’t get home until late!” And on it went…

He is the polar opposite to me when it comes to thinking positively, and will worry about stuff, whereas I tend to trust that it will all be taken care of if I don’t worry about it.

Since learning about the Law of Attraction, I won’t entertain his stories anymore, and it’s a standing joke between us that my story will always trump his. So I suggested to him that he switch his story around to believing that we will get to Portsmouth in time, and not to allow any alternative thought into his head. Just visualise us driving onto the 5pm ferry that we were booked onto.

And despite the fact that at 3.50pm we hadn’t even joined the A27 which put us 30 minutes behind the usual schedule, despite every traffic light seemingly being against us, and that there were queues of traffic everywhere, we made it to the ferry comfortably in time. We were first to board in fact!

The same often happens in busy car parks too. Hubby’s default story is “the car park is rammed, we’ll never find a space in here.” My default story is that there will always be a space in the car park when we need one.

And guess what? There always is a space when we need one!

When Thoughts Become Your Reality

Yesterday’s shenanigans got me thinking though… we all have these default stories that we are conditioned to believe subconsciously, that can result in us manifesting the reality that we don’t want at a conscious level.

It’s your inner protection mechanism trying to keep you safe.

Do you tell yourself stories like;

  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “If I double my prices I’ll never get clients”
  • “Nobody will read my eBook if I write one”

Then you manifest that reality by;

  • Buying something other than the thing you really want – often a cheaper version of the original
  • Offering discounts without being asked for them
  • Not writing the eBook that could help so many of your prospects to overcome their pains, or writing it but not telling people how they can access it.

The thing is, these stories are not founded in anything resembling reality. I was in a newsagent recently, and I saw two magazines that I wanted. Up pipes my default story “I can’t afford two magazines, put one back!

I mean, WTF?! I KNOW that’s rubbish at a logical level – I can prove that particular story wrong by showing my inner self that I have more than the £6.50 total cost of the magazines in my bank account.

But you can’t prove stuff that hasn’t happened yet. So with a story like “nobody will read my eBook if I write one”, or “we’re going to miss the ferry”, it’s easy to worry, and you fear that outcome so much that it becomes reality. The original thought had no foundations in truth, but you’ve allowed it to become truth by giving credence to your default story.

So you have to trust. The outcome you desire WILL become your reality if you take action towards your goal, then believe at a deep level that it will all work out the way you want it to.

Visualise yourself in the position where your desired outcome has already materialised;

You’ve written your eBook and it’s getting loads of rave reviews, and you’re attracting a queue of your ideal clients. How do you feel? Really feel it.

You’ve doubled your prices and you lost a couple of clients who weren’t a good fit anyway, but in their place you have gained loads of ideal clients who are paying your new higher fees, and are excited to be working with you. How do you feel now you’ve hit your financial goals?

So I’d like to give you a little challenge this week…

Whenever you hear your inner voice telling you one of your default ‘safe stories’, acknowledge the voice, and thank your inner protector for continuing to look out for you and keeping you safe.

Reassure them that you’ll be ok, and go do/buy the thing that will lead to the outcome that will make your heart soar.

Buy the thing you really, really want, and not the alternative because it’s “better value”. Raise your prices, and stop offering discounts without being asked. Write that eBook, or start promoting the one you’ve already written. Create that information product or build your membership site. Book that holiday and trust that you will manifest the cost of the trip easily (this is one of my faves, and it usually only takes a couple of weeks maximum!)

Just do it!

Allow yourself to manifest an abundant reality.

PS Next time you go somewhere with a packed car park, visualise yourself finding a space and watch what happens. 🙂


Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen