I’ll be honest with you upfront, this blog has got nothing to do with social media… or even marketing. It’s a personal diary of a week in the Isle of Wight filled with guardian angel visits.

So if spirituality isn’t your thing, you’ll probably want to stop reading here. But if you believe in guardian angels, then please read on. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this diary.

So, this week we’re over on the Isle of Wight. It’s my absolute favourite place in the world and we usually come over once a year at least. The weather has been glorious all week, but I’m not sure if it is related or not?

Are we being blessed with great weather because this is the week we are  meant to be over here? Or is it just coincidence?

2013-09-03 16.12.39Anyway… there’s a particular spot of the island that I treasure – along the cliff walk from Shanklin to Sandown, just before Winchester House is about half a dozen benches. And it’s there that I’ve always felt the spirit of my dad around me.

When I was 7, I came to the IOW for the first time with my mum and dad and we stayed in the Overstrand Hotel in Shanklin. A few months later, my dad passed away – so that was the last holiday we ever had as a family.

The following year, I came back to the island with my local churches ‘Friday Club’, and we stayed in Winchester House for a week.

So that stretch of path has become symbolic of my dad, and it’s where I go to spend time with him.

For the past month or so, hubby and I have been discussing moving over to the island. I’ve longed to live here for 20 years+, but the timing has never been right, and one or other of us has been tied to living near work. But since Bill joined the business in July, for the first time ever, we are not tied – we’ve got the ‘laptop lifestyle’ that means we can work from anywhere – as long as we have a laptop and an internet connection.

So we’d decided that while we were on holiday, we’d see if the right property presented itself to us. If it was meant to be that we’d move, the universe would deliver.

The first “visit” happened on Friday as we arrived at the port in Portsmouth to board the ferry. Parked right in front of us in the queue to board was a removals van for an Isle of Wight removals company.

Then after we’d arrived on the island, and driving from the ferry to our accommodation, we saw another van owned by the same removals firm – a different van! 2 removal vans in the space of 45 minutes on both sides of the journey!

On Saturday, I decided to have a quick look to see what properties are available, and found just one property listed on Rightmove – and it was the ‘perfect home’ that I had been imagining when I visualised living here. With a view to die for!

Both of us were really excited about this place, it ‘felt right’ since we drove past it on Saturday to check it out from the outside, as you do. We booked an appointment to view inside on Tuesday and got on with our holiday, feeling hopeful.

From nowhere I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling something wasn’t right. Something in my gut feeling had shifted

We arrived early and hubby went for a quick walk around, and came back saying that he had spotted a problem – there was a huge step to get into the front door that we weren’t able to see from our “drive-by”. My mobility issues mean that I’m looking for level access or small depth steps with a rail.

Not huge steps with no rail.

The agent didn’t turn up, and when we called to check what was happening, we were told that they had called us last night to cancel. The landlord wouldn’t let us view because he won’t accept animals. We were obviously out of mobile range as we didn’t get notified of their call. But it wasn’t the right place anyway.

What was mad is that from Saturday to Monday night, I was really excited by this house. Yet on Tuesday morning my instincts were already telling me “no”!

So I went into Zoopla and found my 2nd favourite property, and we decided to do a drive by viewing to see what the area and house is like

And O.M.G!

I’m not going to say any more than that at the minute 🙂

We left there and I decided to go to ‘my dad’s spot’ and spend some time with him to get his advice.

I had just got to the bench and sat down when I noticed there was a white feather at my feet. And then 20 minutes later a second one appeared.

2013-09-03 16.54.32

After 20 minutes, Bill went for a walk, and I pulled out my phone to continue typing my reply to a friend of mine in an email conversation we were having about dogs. I was telling him that I was hoping to get a small dog – like a Chihuahua – and unbeknown to me, it turns out that his mum is a breeder of Chihuahuas!

But as I was typing out my reply to him, a little chihuahua came over to say hello to me at the bench!

So as I write this on Tuesday evening, I’ve got nothing conclusive to end this post on, but I’m definitely getting the feeling of approval from the spirit world of the decisions we’re making.

Are my guardian angels telling me that it’s going to happen? We can only wait and see.

Clearly the first house wasn’t right, and we won’t know if this second one is either until we view it on Thursday. But I know I can trust that the universe will deliver what is meant to be now.

UPDATE 8th September 2013

Well, the 2nd “OMG” house wasn’t meant to be either. We received a call from the agent about 20 minutes before we were due to leave, to say that the tenants had decided to go out for the day so we couldn’t view for another 5 days – after we’d left the island!”

However, on Wednesday evening, I decided to check Zoopla again to see if any new properties had come on the market… and to my surprise, there were 8 new places that met our specification that had been listed that day! 2 of these places were ideally suited to what we were looking for.

When the 2nd viewing was cancelled, we decided we would make appointments to view the 2 new places. This time, I had a really strong feeling that it should be me that calls the agent. Both properties were with the same agent, and I made an appointment to view both of them that lunchtime.

Ironically there was another couple interested in the same 2 properties, and we viewed in reverse order. They saw the Shanklin property first, we saw the Lake property first.

And as luck would have it – they loved the Shanklin house, we LOVED the Lake house. Third time lucky and we had found our potential new home! It’s totally ideal for what we want, and our application is currently being processed. If it goes well, we’ll be moving back in October.

Funnily enough, I looked at my horoscope for September on Thursday evening. I’m a big fan of Susan Miller, and her Astrology app is usually spot on for me. She said that I was set for a big life change which would happen smoothly on September 5th – but if we tried to push it and make things happen sooner, they would not go to plan.

It was the 5th of September that we viewed the Lake house – the 2 viewing previously had fallen through! Seems it’s written in the stars as well!

Fingers crossed anyway. It’s not definite yet as there are still things that can go wrong between now and getting the go ahead. But watch this space.

2013-09-05 20.58.39

Having a garden was my biggest intention, and it is what I repeatedly asked the universe to deliver in my new home. Here’s a picture of the garden at the Lake house

UPDATED (Again!) September 16th 2013: At 4.30pm this afternoon, we received the call we had been waiting for… the house is ours!

We ARE moving!

So, this is it. We leave Surrey mid October 2013 to fulfil the 20+ year dream, and move to the beautiful Isle of Wight 🙂

I was also chosen as Nigel Botterill’s Success Story on the 9th of September, after overcoming a pretty big obstacle that nearly de-railed the whole move. Read the full story here (scroll down to 9th September)