We talk a lot about the importance of engaging with others on social networks. I want to tell you a story about the positive effects that Twitter engagement can heve on fellow users, and by default your customers.

On Saturday my mother had a fall and was rushed to hospital. I received a call from the Warden of her Sheltered Accomodation and understandably I was shocked and upset. I live approximately 40 miles away from my mum and on the journey down to the hospital, I tweeted what had happened. Once we arrived at the hospital, I continued to update my Twitter feed with progress reports when I could.

During the course of the day, I received over 30 messages of support from Twitter users who had seen my tweets on the subject. Most of these messages came from people I had never met and some from users I don’t believe i have ever engaged with.

As the evening went on, we managed to secure a hotel room so we could stay overnight, but by the time we arrived the hotel restaurant had closed. Not having eaten for most of the day, we were starving. We were staying in the most well known hotel in the town, but the first Indian take away we called refused to deliver because “they didn’t know the hotel!” I tweeted my frustration at this and it was what happened next which proved to me just how much fellow users of Twitter can appreciate what, to you, is very little effort.

I received several messages from people who live in the town suggesting which takeaway I should contact. Several more messages of support, and a telephone call from someone who had taken the time to locate my mobile number and offer any assistance that might be needed over the coming days and weeks.

Of all the messages I received, there was one from a business owner I had not ever engaged with before. I hope they don’t mind but I’m going to mention them by name. I’m doing so because I want to highlight the effect that engagement can have. So @littleimpressio I want to say a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to contact me. On receiving your tweet, I checked your profile and noticed you make framed casts of babies hands and footprints. Now I know lots of new parents, and I will be telling them about your business which in turn will increase your sales no doubt. Before you messaged me, I hadn’t heard about you. You’ve got yourself a word of mouth recommendation solely because you took a minute out of your weekend to contact someone offering words of support.

Now that business could be you. Little Impressions did nothing that businesses everywhere could do, but more often than not, don’t. If you want to increase your chances of getting new business from social media, contact me and I’ll help. I can also help someone else in a small way in their hour of need. All of this will benefit you and your sales. Don’t miss out, let’s start today.

To everyone else who tweeted me during the course of the day, I want you to know I appreciate every message I received. Even though I haven’t singled you out in this post, it doesn’t lessen the comfort you gave me. Thank you everyone