At the start of your online marketing journey, seeing people unsubscribing from your email list does sting.
❤️ It can feel like a personal rejection of your message, or you personally.
❤️ It can feel like ‘“evidence’ that you’ll never make the life changing income you see others achieving.”
The more seasoned of us will reassure you that it’s all positive.
– a standard part of online business,
– that you don’t want to pay for unengaged subscribers,
– and that the leavers free up energetic space for more of your dreamies to come closer to you.
You’re not ‘wrong’ for feeling stung by this perceived rejection.
Allow yourself to feel the feeling. It’s ok.
But, as your audience grows, you’ll care less.
Because you’ll have more evidence of how you ARE achieving results, EVEN THOUGH people self select themselves out of your audience every day.
You’ll likely never stop caring completely because your kind and loving heart is why you’re in business to help people, and why people are helped by you.

I want to share a simple shift in mindset that might help you.

When we are stung by unsubscribes it’s because we are wanting their approval.
So with their unsubscribe, we feel we are the ‘victim’ of having their approval withdrawn.
What if the opposite was true?
What if, instead of believing you need their approval so they stay as your subscriber…
… you believed that you get to choose who benefits from receiving your expertise in their inbox?
Not from an arrogant “you don’t deserve me” place, but from an empowered “I’m in charge of how I experience life” place.
That’s what I chose to believe about a year ago.
Every 30 days, I run a report in my email software that shows who has engaged with my emails over the past 90 days.
Those contacts are tagged to segment them from my main list.
That segment is the group who receive my broadcast emails for the next 30 days.
I use Goldstar Pro but I expect you can do this with most email providers.
If you know how to run this report in the software you use, please do share below to help readers who want to do this for themselves.
Hope that’s been helpful for you.
No need to send the loud “go ahead and unsubscribe” rah rah.
I don’t like that approach. It feels aggressive to receive and I am not a naturally aggressive person.
The way I do it is a quiet, introverted style of improving email deliverability, by sending only to only engaged subscribers.

AND you take back your own power.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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