Whenever I have faced bleak periods during my 13 years in this business; those times when my bank balance has kept me awake… I wish I had put trust in the dark.

Without exception, because they’ve ALL been followed by a REALLY GREAT breakthrough / turnaround.

I wish I’d TRUSTED that at the time, as I’d have enjoyed the space and peace to rest so much more! 🤣🤣

If you’re feeling 💩 about your bank balance right now, hear this…

The difference between how a rich person feels and the way you feel is….



The good news is that you can change how you feel in an instant.

You don’t even have to change anything about your reality.

Search for wealth hypnosis tracks on Youtube. Take part in a free online mindset session, or do anything else that will lift your state.

Believe you ALREADY have what you want and EMBODY that belief in your thoughts and actions.

Then ACT ON the ideas and inspiration that come into your mind, no matter how illogical or insensible they might seem to you.

They are your guides that will lead you to your breakthrough and turnaround.

A little game I play that you might like …

Think of the amount of money that would mean you had plenty, in fact, more than enough for the rest of your life.

An amount that will mean you can do all of the things you’d ever want to, for the rest of your and your family’s life.

What’s that? 10 mill? 50 mill? 1 billion?

That amount is in your bank account right now.

Take a moment to see it there. Most importantly, to feel how you’ll feel when you have that deep knowing, and that you have plenty.

Are you feeling it?

Now go do the thing you were about to do as if that money is there.


It’s true, you are taken care of financially.

Notice how different your experience is and trust it.

Obvs it’ll take a bit more work to stay in that state, and healing to make it a long-term change. However, it’s a quick fix you can deploy if you ever need one

And even if you don’t need the fix, it’s still a fun game to play in your head as you go about your daily doings ❤️

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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