Do you have a vision to sell and deliver your programs and services online, globally?

Have you been put off getting started with creating an online program, worrying that the tech side might overwhelm you?

In this episode, Veronica speaks with Vivienne Hill, who helps parents break their habit of over and under-parenting, about her experience of selling and delivering her service online, with minimal tech.


Vivienne is on Veronica’s mastermind course where she created a product to sell for £99/$99. The product she created was to help parents with parenting via hypnosis.

Vivienne essentially invited people 121 and sold ‘spaces’ set in a time block rather than putting them in a group scenario.

Vivienne says that having the support of the mastermind was key. It wasn’t that she couldn’t create the course herself but this taught her the steps to take and also gave her much needed confidence.

Introverts aren’t natural initiators so when they don’t have anything to respond to, they can struggle. Doing a session with someone else can help as then you get back into your ‘responder’ energy.


“Having guidance, I felt like my hand was being held, that was so important to me”

“You allowed me to be the best of who I was and also you could see for me the things that I couldn’t see myself…that was the magic”


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Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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