You’re posting on Facebook, engaging with conversations, and attracting a few bookings for your free consultations – but converting those calls into paying clients just isn’t happening for you.

Perhaps you are enrolling clients steadily into your programs but the clients you’re attracting aren’t the people you really want to work with?

You’re getting frustrated and beginning to wonder if you’ll ever make a good income online. You might even have begun to think it might be easier to go and get a job – that you’re not cut out for running your own online business?

Question is, how much of your reality are YOU manifesting?

Are you energetically attracting poor-quality coaching clients from your own behaviours?

PROBLEM #1: You attract clients who don’t pay your invoices on time, or at all.

When you receive an invoice from your coach or a service provider you’re working with, do you pay them instantly?

If you need several reminders before you pay your own invoices, or you have unpaid debts that you’re ignoring, then don’t be surprised if your own clients don’t pay you on time either.

Solution: Pay your invoices as soon as you receive them.


PROBLEM #2: You attract people who ask for discounts or skills swaps.

Do you look for discounts or to swap skills with someone you want to work with but can’t afford their fees?

If you’re operating from lack thinking, then don’t be surprised if you’re attracting people who are also coming from a place of lack or fear.

SOLUTION: Stop operating from lack and fear and don’t ask or expect an expert to discount their value or barter skills with you. Wait until you can afford to pay their fee or hire the person you can afford.


PROBLEM #3: You’re doing lots of sales calls but nobody is enrolling into your programs.

Are you investing in your own personal or business growth to a similar or higher investment level than you’re asking your clients to invest to work with you?

If you’re selling a high-ticket program but not investing in high-ticket programs yourself, then you shouldn’t be surprised when your clients follow your energetic lead and choose not to make a significant investment in their growth either.

SOLUTION: Always be investing in yourself at the financial level you want your clients to invest in you (or higher).


PROBLEM #4: You attract lots of ‘can I pick your brain’ type requests but they won’t buy.

Are you regularly asking experts a ‘quick question’, but when they suggest you purchase their program or a session with them, you can’t be seen for dust?

If you consistently expect other experts to give you their knowledge for free, then don’t be surprised when you attract people who expect the same of you.

SOLUTION: Check in with yourself to question how often you post on Facebook/in Facebook groups asking for help (questions, wanting feedback, etc) versus how much time you spend answering other people’s questions? Respect the time and knowledge of the people you hang around with and your knowledge and time will be respected too.

8 Ways You Energetically Attract Poor Quality Clients Online Infographic

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PROBLEM #5: You attract clients who won’t do the work.

You know you can help your clients get results, but they must put the effort in at their end. Only problem is, they’re not.

I’ve noticed that 1:1 and group clients usually fall into one of three types:

  • Type one: Excited and show up fully. Books every call, and regularly shows up to post and comment in your Facebook group if you have one attached to your program.
  • Type two: Starts off well, but over time, their commitment level dwindles. Initially they’re active in the Facebook group and show up for calls, but after a while they retreat from both.
  • Type three: Not committed at all. Doesn’t book calls and never shows up in your Facebook group.

Incidentally, the price-point of the program doesn’t influence this split of behaviour either. I’ve seen type three clients in £1k/week programs, and I’ve seen type one clients in £20 lifetime access programs.

Thinking about the programs you’ve invested in, which type of client are you? If you’re a type three, don’t be surprised when you attract type three clients yourself.

SOLUTION: Be the client you want to attract. If you love working with type one clients, be a type one client when you invest in programs.


PROBLEM #6: At the end of your sales calls, your prospective clients say they want to think about it, but then ignore your follow up messages.

Your free consultation went well, there was great rapport and your prospect seemed really keen to sign up. However, they want time to think about it or talk it over with their partner.

You agree to follow up with them in a day or so, but when you get in contact, they don’t pick up the phone or respond to your messages.

When you attend a sales call, or engage in a conversation where you are initially very keen, but change your mind afterwards, do you go back and let them know?

If you’re ignoring their follow up attempts, then don’t be surprised if you attract the same behaviour pattern from your prospects.

SOLUTION: When you are the buyer who is initially keen to but later change your mind, be upfront with the seller. Drop them a note or call them – don’t leave them hanging.


PROBLEM #7: You attract people who tell you that you charge too much.

You’ve just finished a great call with a prospective client, then when you invite them to work with you and tell them your fees, you hear an incredulous intake of breath at the other end, and the response “how much?!”.

Hearing this a few times can leave you feeling demoralised and questioning whether you are charging too much.

Or, you can give thought to whether you ever silently or vocally make judgements about what other coaches charge when their prices are significantly higher than yours.

SOLUTION: Work on your money blocks. Don’t give any energy to negative thinking or judgement about what other coaches in your space are charging.


PROBLEM #8: You’re getting people booking into your free consultations but they don’t show up for the call.

You start the day with a free consultation booked into your calendar, but when the time comes for the call, your prospective client is nowhere to be found. It’s time wasted for you and frustrating because you have lost an opportunity to help someone.

How much do you value your own, and other people’s time? Do you always make sure you’re early or on time for calls you have booked in – whether with your clients, your coach, or other people you have agreed to speak with? Do you cancel calls you’ve booked with others when you can’t be bothered or ‘something better’ comes up?

If you’re flaky, don’t be surprised when you attract flaky people.

SOLUTION: Don’t be a flake, know and respect the value of EACH HOUR of your time, and position your free call as something of value to your prospective clients that they won’t want to miss.

Each of these issues will occur from time to time, but if you’re regularly attracting poor-quality clients, then check in with yourself. Are you truly being the client you want to attract?

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

The Mile-Deep Marketing Queen at Apples to Oranges Ltd
Veronica Pullen, AKA The MIle-Deep Marketing Queen helps coaches, trainers, consultants, mentors, experts, speakers, and therapists to attract your ideal, like-minded clients from your 'Mile-Deep' Facebook marketing, networking, group challenges, and ads.
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen