If you have, or are considering embedding your live Twitter feed into your website home page, think again.

It could be doing more harm than good!

Before I reveal all the reasons why you should NOT embed your live Twitter feed, let me share the one exception to these rules:

Your Twitter feed ONLY tweets VITAL public information!

Take Red Funnel, one of the Isle of Wight ferry companies for example.

They tweet VALUABLE information on the status of their services, as well as important updates on island events.

If there’s a delay in the service, Red Funnel can tweet that info very quickly and reach not only their Twitter followers but also website visitors instantly.

But, for the majority of us who don’t provide a vital public service, here’s why your embedded live Twitter feed is like having a HUGE neon sign that publicises all of your biggest shortcomings!

5 reasons why embedding your live Twitter feed into your website could sabotage your marketing…

Embedding Your Live Twitter Feed Into Your Website#1: You don’t tweet often enough.

If you tweet as regularly as England win the World Cup, what kind of impression does that give your website visitors of you?

NEON SIGN: I’m too lazy to follow through on my commitments.

#2: You tweet too often

Spending every spare minute on Twitter sharing every passing thought and talking about what you had for dinner can be a fun way to spend your time.

But it does result in a lively stream of white noise – that is amplified when you embed your tweets into your home page.

NEON SIGN: I have so much time to spend on Twitter because a) I have no clients or b) I can’t get motivated to do any work, so you can expect missed deadlines.

#3: You broadcast MUCH more than you engage.

You tweet regularly, sharing your content and offers, but either nobody ever replies to your tweets, or they are replying and you’re not interacting with those responses.

So your Twitter feed is just a stream of you talking to yourself!

NEON SIGN: You only care about yourself.

#4: You participate in jokey banter

You enjoy interacting with your friends – including those oh so funny conversations after a few drinks that make you LOL. Sometimes your humour can be a little ‘close to the wire’, but it’s ok because you’re amongst friends.

It’s easy to forget that when you’re joking around with your mates online that your prospective clients can see your conversations publicly.

Do these conversations add any value to your prospective client? Would you honestly say everything you reply to your friends in front of a prospective client you want to impress?

NEON SIGN: You’re a ‘wrongun’

#5: Your tweets are auto-curated.

I once knew someone whose entire Twitter feed was curated from Mashable’s RSS feed. Can you imagine how noisy and b-o-r-i-n-g that feed was?

Especially since Mashable were pumping out the same info, obviously! Anyone who wanted to follow the RSS feed was already following Mashable anyway.

The same applies if your tweets are auto-syndicated from your Facebook posts.

NEON SIGN: You’re lazy.

None of these are necessarily bad when they are only taking place on Twitter – although I don’t ever recommend auto-syndicating your tweets from an RSS feed or Facebook.

If a prospective client views your Twitter feed directly, then absolutely they should expect to see who you authentically are – including the banter and the tweets sharing what you had for dinner last night.

The problem arises when someone visits your website and sees all this going on right in front of their nose because you have opted to publicise it to them by embedding your live Twitter feed into your website.

Then, all the hard work you put into crafting well thought out and captivating website copy and marketing messages could be totally undone by one or more of these “Twitter crimes”.

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