How are you with knowing the difference between the features and benefits of your products or services?

In simple terms…

Features are ‘nuts and bolts’ of your product or service – or the ‘how’ if you like.

Benefits are the answer to the “what’s in it for me?” question that is running through your prospective customers’ mind when they are reading your promo copy – or the ‘why’.

There is a really simple exercise that you can do to identify the benefits of what you’re selling, before you start writing.

Let’s pretend for a minute that you sell Uggs, and you need to write copy to promote Uggs to your audience.

Name a benefit of Ugg boots?

Were you thinking it was the 100% real sheepskin wool lining?


The real wool lining that is synonymous with the Ugg boots is a feature.

It’s not a benefit.

Features versus benefits

To arrive at the benefit, ask yourself, “so what?

Ugg boots are lined with pure Sheepskin wool.

So what?

Why should someone looking to buy a new pair of warm boots care that the lining in Ugg boots is pure sheepskin wool?

Because ‘real’ wool will keep your feet toasty warm, without making them sweaty.

Nylon wool doesn’t breathe, so after a few wears, they’ll become a sweaty breeding ground for mould.


Therefore, the benefits are cosy, non-sweaty feet, and dry, non-mouldy, long-lasting boots.

Make sense?

The other way to figure out the benefits is to use the opposite of pain.

So, in the case of the Uggs:

Pain = freezing cold feet. Benefit of Uggs = cosy feet.

Pain = boots that smell and make my feet sweat. Benefit of Uggs = breathable, non-sweaty, and long-lasting.

Pain = boots that are so heavy it feels like you’re walking around in concrete blocks! Benefit of Uggs = lightweight so you forget you’re wearing them.

Next time you sit down to write promo copy, take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns.

In the left hand side column, list out all of the features of your service, program, or product includes.

Or, all of the pains your prospects are currently experiencing.

Either will do.

If you’ve listed the features in column one, ask yourself “so what?” for each feature, and write the answer to this question in column two.

If you’ve listed the pains in column one, list the opposite of each pain in column two.

Now you’ve got your benefits as well.

The more your copy focuses on the benefits of what you’re selling, the more of your readers who will be inspired to take action.

Or in other words, the more of your readers who will buy what you’re selling.

There is a direct correlation between the quality of your sales copy, and the volume of leads and sales you can expect to attract online.



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